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User Info: deeninja

9 months ago#1
i understand theres alot of newbies and possible squiddies thanx to xmas.. n i know u cant get into ranked mode until level 10.. but that doesnt mean u should.. lol.. sorry im really not this mean.. its just the matchmaking is horrible.. lol
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User Info: HyperKirby7

9 months ago#2
Everyone starts in C-. There's no reason to discourage weaker players from playing ranked.
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User Info: deeninja

9 months ago#3
im not discouraging.. its a frustration rant.. geez
D.skillz // 3DS FC: 0018-4270-7703
switch: SW-5272-2652-0239

User Info: DarknessOp3191

9 months ago#4
I've chosen an interesting time to play S2 again.
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User Info: FunSizeFenia

8 months ago#5
To be completely honest, the matchmaking is purely RNG and even then you will never know who is truly skilled/a troll/a traitor/just there to squid-party when your team and the opponent's team is assembled.

However, the real problem is the disconnections, not whether one is a novice or not.

If one has poor internet, no amount of skill or updates is going to fix a slow-as-molasses internet connection in every single match. The only thing one can do is hope they win through sheer effort and determination even with the handicap of a disconnect and/or horrendous lag.
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User Info: deeninja

8 months ago#6
i agree
D.skillz // 3DS FC: 0018-4270-7703
switch: SW-5272-2652-0239

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