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User Info: deeninja

11 months ago#1
( playin on tv) is anyone else experiencing being uncomfortable playin splatoon 2 with the joy con? going from the wii u gamepad to this mini square has got me all messed up.. lol.. anybody got the pro controller? is it better?
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User Info: MordecaiRocks

11 months ago#2
Never had too much of a problem with the joycon grip but the pro controller is still leaps and bounds better. It's pricy but if the grip is giving you discomfort it's probably worth it.

User Info: Syd_CB

11 months ago#3
mini square?

I play with the joycons in the grip thing. No issues that way.

Ir's awkward when I try playing with loose joycons. Which is slightly odd. as I prefer loose joycons for Zelda and Mario Odyssey.
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User Info: MrFingers07

11 months ago#4
I got the pro controller along side with the Switch and it's a really good controller imo. I say it's worth the 70 dollars (though I got it for 50, lol)

And maybe it's because I haven't gotten used to the joy cons but whenever I get curious to see how the Joy Cons feel, I instantly feel regret once holding them. They feel too small to hold, feels too plasticky as if it's going to break any second or something.

I couldn't deal with that, and I even got a second Pro Controller for when other people want to play with me as I can't object them to using the Joy Cons.... lol
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User Info: Zingo

11 months ago#5
Splatoon 2 pro controller
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User Info: WaferMon

11 months ago#6
Never had any issue with detached joycons.

User Info: ultimate reaver

ultimate reaver
11 months ago#7
the thumbsticks on the joycons are among the worst that i've ever used on any console

User Info: Forte_Lambardi

11 months ago#8
You will need to get used to it and also adjust the sensitivities.

I know I am more comfortable with handheld mode than Pro Controller, but Pro Controller seems leaps and bounds better (even though I keep making strange mistakes with it).
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User Info: jubal117

11 months ago#10
Joy cons are my favorite for playing splatoon. I have a real problem aiming with grips or the pro controller. Its great just letting my arms hang off the edge of my lazy boy and playing splatoon.
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