what is the point of playing this game again?

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  3. what is the point of playing this game again?

User Info: RockrrGirrl19

5 months ago#11
No Squid?

No Buy!

User Info: ao_bomber

5 months ago#12
lol it apparently fails to run on many users devices, must have desktop tier system reqs
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User Info: skellie2016

5 months ago#13
Metro piece of **** lol
"Yep." - Hank Hill
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User Info: GizmoMimo

5 months ago#14
Someone in the reviews had the nerve to call it "an original turf war MOBA." Whenever someone calls them a Splatoon ripoff they ignore it and say "we will continue to add more updates."

I can't even stand to look at this and I wait for when it's taken down.

User Info: Shame_Car_2

5 months ago#15
came here expecting a rant about everything wrong with spaltoon 2
"You try carrying that many Splatfaqs users and see how you feel by Friday." ___shan

User Info: ThePrisoner06

5 months ago#16
Wondered where my lipstick ended up.
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  3. what is the point of playing this game again?

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