What's with all the trans posts in the plaza all of a sudden?

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  3. What's with all the trans posts in the plaza all of a sudden?

User Info: Poulet_Spatial

6 months ago#481
This trend is seriously happening in a KID FRIENDLY GAME ?
Dang, online gaming is getting more and more creepy with each passing year.

Gotta keep my children away from these things, even from NINTENDO servers.
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User Info: XenotheWise135

6 months ago#482
It's concerning to see sociopolitical comments like that in a game tailored to be inclusive to children. Teaching children that trans is normal is harmful to their development and could negatively effect their own views of gender. This needs to be addressed and removed.

User Info: Squidkids

6 months ago#483
what did the comments say? right now I am hearing is " I fear the different" and that is what is harmful, that is why bullying exists.
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User Info: dark_zero_86

6 months ago#484
Nintendo is going to take the ability to draw and post away from us and I won't blame them at all...

User Info: Arm_Cannon

6 months ago#485
ITT: Tumblr
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User Info: Cubis101

6 months ago#486
ItsTwinB posted...
Not sure, but I love how everyone is! I saw someone say "I wish transgenders were real", implying that they weren't, and I'm guessing others spoke up about it. That's one logical explanation.

It's how it all gets started. Someone says something, someone bashes it, everyone provides support on that topic and the community becomes a meme itself
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User Info: l Dudeboy l

l Dudeboy l
6 months ago#487
Chuck_1st posted...
RivaiIIe posted...
I think it's good that such messages get spread. The ingame community seems to be very accepting of one another and that's always a good thing. LGBT people exist, pretending like they don't and only teaching your children that they actually do exist when they're 16 years old is ridiculous.

What's the harm anyway? Scared that all children will magically turn gay?

none of those messages are this specific game related, thats the harm, i dont go to your forums and start discussing about some other random stuff nonrelated to that game or topic. if they make an LGBT specific game that you are allowed to post publically, i dont think you are going to see straight persons buying the game with only one thing in mind, post and stay 24/7 on the main hub without playing just to make a statement. besides why are they making an statement to children 10 yrs old? are the children going to defend them in social media or something? the game is e10 for gods sake!!!

People post things unrelated to the game all the time in their art posts, and that isn't against any rules. Sounds more like you just have a chip on your shoulder about one particular group.
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User Info: l Dudeboy l

l Dudeboy l
6 months ago#488
Falcon_Pawnch75 posted...
Darkest-Lord122 posted...
If only people stopped trying to force it on everyone else.

can you take a moment and like think about what you're posting

do you actually


believe that trans support is literally a movement to make everyone trans

I don't think they see the irony in trying to force their own beliefs on a faceless crowd that isn't getting to force anything upon them.
You are now breathing manually.
Lets put a little lead in the air, and see what falls over.

User Info: Roselin

6 months ago#489
Reading this topic has honestly killed many of my brain cells

User Info: Mikokiri

6 months ago#490
Promotion is not the same as education. If the kids see this, they'll ask their parents what a Trans person is. There is a likely chance they'll say "I'll tell you when you're older" or something negative because it's seen as an adult topic since...you don't see trans 8 year olds do you? It's not a thing people talk about to kids. And unless that changes I don't think people should be promoting it through splatoon since it'll be taken the wrong way. Proper education about the topic is key, not random promotion. Heck, kids probably don't know what agender and s*** is either.

I'm all for Trans positivity but it should be explained before being promoted, or else no one will know what they're promoting. How will this be educated to kids? Well, perhaps once it becomes 'commonplace', then I can see it being educated.
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