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  3. Who in their right mind picks Cake over Ice Cream?!

User Info: Lavendermoon

1 year ago#31
I'm lactose intolerant so cake is my go to choice. Plus with Ice cream I got to wait for it to thaw out and I only like it when the weather is hot. I can grab a slice of cake whenever and can have it warm or cold. I enjoy cake year round while Ice cream in the spring and summer.

User Info: Placiibo

1 year ago#32
Most cake is terrible, but really high end cake blows away any ice cream.

But really you're supposed to pick your favorite pop star and always choose her no matter the contest. I'm guessing people will go with the darker, less evil looking one most of the time. cant remember their names.
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User Info: LePhenom

1 year ago#33
Cheese cake. /topic

User Info: ajpinky

1 year ago#34
People who like cake.
I don't need friends, they disappoint me.

User Info: Exeledusp

1 year ago#35
I was going to choose ice cream, but then I remembered cheesecake exists.

User Info: Kodakliv

1 year ago#36
You do know that some Cakes have Ice Cream in the middle right?
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  3. Who in their right mind picks Cake over Ice Cream?!
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