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  3. What is a good cap for the fort resto glitch?

User Info: Joe_Freestyle

8 months ago#1
I want legendary to still be slightly challenging with out just being outright one-shot. Have yall found a good soothing and enchanting potion percent that doesn't feel broken
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User Info: Olld-Onne

8 months ago#2
You do not need resto loop to break legendary. If you use it then there is no point honestly as you will be for too strong. If you have the perks to rest lop you have enough to make Legendary comfortable most of the time already.

Simply applying all 3 crafting skills and using them all to boost each other will suffice. Even then you may become overpowered quickly.
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User Info: Bigdome757

8 months ago#3
You can one shot everything without using that exploit. Even on legendary difficulty. Max the three craft skills, get some special powers and gear and viola. You are now Mr. OP Oneshot. You can make 200%+ fortify one/two handed, archery, destruction potions. You can smith a bow with over 2000 damage per shot. Why bother using exploits?

User Info: Daqu82

8 months ago#4
It depends on which skills, weapon(s), armor and spells you want to use.

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  3. What is a good cap for the fort resto glitch?
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