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  3. one of kind leveled items?

User Info: hellzyaaahhhhhh

1 month ago#1
anyone know caps for them

and dawn breaker is it a leveled item to
i mean wiki says its 12att i got mine at lv50ish after some power leveling and it was 15att

and i seen a video talking about weird things in skyrim that dont make sense person got it with 35att (idk what his level was)
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User Info: Olld-Onne

1 month ago#2
Attack number shown is dependant on your actual skill stats and perks mostly so the number will be higher or lower depending on these parameters. Any 5+ level gains in one handed skill tree level will raise the attack by about one point and any perks for one handed damage up to 100% will raise that damage further.

Then there is the enchanted items that all raise One Handed by the percentage shown which will also affect your damage number along with Smithing and it's over all level if you can smith enchanted Items with the perk at 60 Smithing.
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  3. one of kind leveled items?