2 months ago #1
Dont get me wrong. The game is gorgeous. The gameplay is so unique and it has things and ideas ive never seen in any game before. So gameplay is 👌🏽.


The worlds despite being varied are really lackluster. Its like go to kingdom A. Okay. Now to to B. Okay. Now go to C. okay. Now go to D. okay but why do i care about doing any of this?

Super Mario O is my first true Mario game and its fabulous from a gameplay is graphical prespective. But the world layout and story sucks.

Okay story is the main reason im dropping it. The plot is very obvious from the get go. I already know what mario is doing by going to various kingdoms and the game hasnt even told me yet.

Defeat browser and rescue peach. Blaa blaa blaa.

I generally got to the end off kingdom 4 and was like. Why am i even playing this. Sure its FUN. But it isnt engaging.

So im dropping it. Sad to say.

But i have to admit three things.

Maaan oh maan i got Zelda BOTW VIBES. Even the GUI and style is similar!

And SMO joins bloodstained and my friend Pedro as three games i personally think are great if you want brainless fun. But they arent very engaging.

Lastly, considering this was my first mario game. Im not disappointed. Sure im dropping it cause of its crappy plot. But im excited to see what SMO2 will be like. And if they add an actual good story. Ill be down to pick it up