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  3. Is Odyssey your most favourite Super Mario game?

User Info: VS11v

3 months ago#1
Is Odyssey your most favourite Super Mario game?

Odyssey is surely my biggest Super Mario favourite as of today. How about you?

User Info: thanthen

3 months ago#2
No, but it was the fastest sold after playing through it.
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User Info: PastaPlankton

3 months ago#3
I think it's a strong contender for best game of all time.

User Info: SSpectre

2 months ago#4
It might be my favourite of the 3D titles, but SMB 1-3, World, and Yoshi's Island are still ahead.
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User Info: SirDood18

1 month ago#5
Second after Galaxy 1/2.
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User Info: videogames1

1 month ago#6
Smw and sm64 are just above it for me. It's the best in a long time though.

User Info: CashIn

4 weeks ago#7
I'm not sure. I don't think I would consider it my favourite in the series, but it's definitely up there.

User Info: HHHis4real

4 weeks ago#8
It’s right in the mix along with SM64 and Galaxy 2

User Info: Mikokiri

3 weeks ago#9
SirDood18 posted...
Second after Galaxy 1/2.
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User Info: razorkaos

1 week ago#10
Nope. Unfortunately, it was the first Mario game I've played that made me think "I'm not really enjoying this one...". I did finish it, but didn't try to get all the moons. Game felt soulless and the constant storm of self-reference and fan-service actually made me feel bad.

I would swap my copy for a re-release of 3D World in a heartbeat.
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  3. Is Odyssey your most favourite Super Mario game?
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