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  3. I probably like this the least out of the 64 style mario games.

User Info: OniLink5000

1 year ago#1
I don't know what it is about it. It might be the amount of moons. It might be the number and size of the worlds.

I thought I'd like it a lot more than I did.
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User Info: ShadianVise

1 year ago#2
Opposite for me, it's at the top by a large margin.
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User Info: GearRandom

1 year ago#3
You do you.
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User Info: morningglory05

1 year ago#4
New Donk City is one of the best video game worlds I've ever played! This game is sooo good.

User Info: megasoniczxx

1 year ago#5
Kinda hard for me to call on this one. I mean Mario's moveset in this game is phenomenal but only about 30% of the moons in the game actually make you use it to more than a basic degree. Sunshine probably has some of my favorite movement mechanics in the series but it has a really crappy post game and quite a few shines (not a lot) aren't all too interesting. 64 has a good world selection and it can be really fun to play that game but quite a few aspects of it haven't aged well and tick tock clock and rainbow ride still exist so...yeah.

Overall I can't really put any of the games over any of the others since they all have some pretty big issues that hold them back for me while having some outstanding positives. All great games of course but fall short of their full potential due to one reason or another.
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  3. I probably like this the least out of the 64 style mario games.
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