Anyone else hate the Luncheon Kingdom?

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  3. Anyone else hate the Luncheon Kingdom?

User Info: HipHopBeats

4 months ago#1
Freaky tomatoes, pink lava everywhere, by far the most annoying kingdom I've seen, lol. I have enough moons to leave, but I want to climb the volcano and fight the big bird. The Snow Kingdom (not too bad) and the Lost Kingdom (which I like) has nothing on the annoyance level of the Luncheon Kingdom. Can't wait to get out of there.
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User Info: Billysan

4 months ago#2
I liked it a lot for awhile but it's easily dropped out of favor faster than a lot of the others.

Snow Kingdom is my least favorite though.

User Info: NeoBowser

4 months ago#3
Yeah, it's my least favourite kingdom.
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User Info: The_DOAM

4 months ago#4
I love it

Though I’ve always been partial to food based levels. A world you can eat just reminds me of the old skit of Homer Simpson running around in a world of chocolate. You’d think a fat plumber or a character like Wario would be banned from ever entering luncheon kingdom.
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User Info: ecylis

4 months ago#5
Luncheon is one of the best it actually lends itself to fun platforming

A lot of the others have too many flat areas where all you do is run around

User Info: Lerthyr

4 months ago#6
It's in my top 3 fave kingdoms and has a lot of cool movement tech if you know how to utilize it.
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User Info: ThatgirlFeli

4 months ago#7
The Luncheon Kingdom made me yell out 'Damnit. I missed landing on the corn of the cob, so I can roll it like a log' and meant it.
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User Info: astralmeson

4 months ago#8
Cool movement tech, plus it's one of the few that "feels" most like a Mario world- fun and quirky.

User Info: lope135

4 months ago#9
It was fun initially, but it felt to claustrophobic to me

User Info: HorrorSindicate

4 months ago#10
it looks like vomit to me... does have some interesting platforming though.
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  3. Anyone else hate the Luncheon Kingdom?

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