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  3. Are 3 star badgers harder to find than other 3 star animals?

User Info: nnulda

1 month ago#21
iSystem posted...
Yeah sure, tell me which other locations worked for you. The only location where it seemed to work for me was o'creags. It didnt work on the Hill next to Colter, or cairn Lake (only female moose at cairn).
I heard I should try lake Isabella, owanjila, North of annesburg. Ambarino even.
I saw that YouTube video where the guy shows you like 11 different spots for moose, and uses the potent herb bait to get moose to come over. But they are all mostly females, not bulls.
They were random and I have not tried to replicate
But, Wallace station on the road heading down to the river
Tall trees....lower Montana River area

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User Info: Thermador446

1 month ago#22
There's a solid badger spawn directly NW of the red barn in Rhodes, (from the ginsing by the barn, walk NW to the ginsing by the forest edge, you,ll see the badger to your left if it has spawned)
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User Info: craig_psn

1 month ago#23
^ I think I must have been right around where you said. I was riding from Rhodes back to the nearby Camp. I don't follow the roads/paths, typically cut through a bit of Radley's area to grab a few herbs. Anyway, in the short time I was in the woods immediately beside the Clemens Point Camp site, I got 4x3* Badger pelts. I wasn't even hunting per se, I just had the Varmint Rifle out while I was riding back, and badgers are an easy target (so slow). ~5am

Moose are a different matter. I doubt I've seen more than 4, or maybe the same ones twice each.
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  3. Are 3 star badgers harder to find than other 3 star animals?
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