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1 month ago#51
pablofreak88 posted...
Well, I have seen lots of stupidity on Gamefaqs so I can't assume everyone is joking or trolling.
Yeah, I hear you. I see stupidity come in all forms all the time.
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User Info: FrozzenX

4 weeks ago#52
I would like the ability to actually STABLE HORSES ON THE GIANT f***ING RANCH I OWN, it just seems logical.

User Info: DempetFengor

3 weeks ago#53

One of the few things that I'd like to change that I have never seen fore mentioned:

The ability to modify an equipped outfit.

For example ... one should be able to add / remove clothing items from an outfit currently equipped .. hat; coat; vest; neckwear; spurs etc.and modify ... sleeves rolled up; open shirt etc.

That is all.

Tips Stalker Hat
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User Info: CutterDeBlanc

2 weeks ago#54
I should either be able to see the HUD when I'm resting at a camp site or it should stop making the noise when I push the button
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User Info: arcanedarsen

2 weeks ago#55
GSid posted...
Things you wished they patched:

* Fast Travel. It’s not necessary until you beat the game. Or at least make fast travel available if you get 100% compendium.
* The ability to store weapons at your camp/home.
* The ability to visit Guarma to study missable animals.
* When replaying missions, allowing you to save certain missable hats/studying animals/rare items
* Horse Racing Perk available until complete
* Random encounters that respawn.
* John Marston’s hair from Chapters 2-6 replacing Arthur Morgan’s hair that he has in the Epilogue.
* A cure for tuberculosis
* The 5 hours of cut game content added back
* Moose Spawn frequency
* The ability to pick up worn guns
* Removal of fast walking at camp
* The ability to use John Marston’s clothing from chapters 2-6 in the Epilogue.

To add a couple more:

  • Persistent invisible reins when leaving stables. I still don't know a proper fix, sometmes I noticed they are displayed again, but other times they don't until a reload.
  • "Load Game" option from main menu, so we can choose the file, this is like videogaming 1.0.
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User Info: Damitol

2 weeks ago#56
I wish that time didn't speed up at night. Drives me nuts when hunting nocturnal animals, playing poker,or shopping.

Not a fan of my horse automatically slowing down when passing too closely to another rider or wagon. Basically, I don't like R* playing the game for me.

@arcanedarsen Yeah, I always thought it odd that R* only loads the last save from the main menu. They've done that for years with GTA and RDR.
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