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  3. Is Red Harlow canon or not??

User Info: SideKicks

1 month ago#1
The developers keep saying Red Dead Revolver takes place in an alternate universe, yet RDR1 and RDR2 keep mentioning Red Harlow and his exploits within that said game. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought alternative universes strays away from the canonical universe. So, which one is he? Lol.

And if he is canon, I hope he makes his return, should there ever be a future installment or DLC in some form. I also hope they use his original voice actor and character too (if he's still around), because I didn't like his version from the RDR1 DLC.

Here's the video clip if anyone wants to know...

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User Info: Rebel_Patriot

1 month ago#2
His mentions are Easter eggs / fan services
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User Info: lunarsword

1 month ago#3
There's no reason he wouldn't be canon, since his story takes place before either Redemptions, and doesn't have to have any direct ties to them to be valid.
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  3. Is Red Harlow canon or not??
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