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User Info: capsulecorp13

1 month ago#1
I need to study the Timberwolf, I know Timberwolves appear...problem is you can't study a predator when it's attacking you.

So how am i supposed to study the last animal i need for this trophy if the game doesn't let me study it?

Is it possible to lure them with bait or animal carcasses?
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User Info: SteelDragon2050

1 month ago#2
Try laying some predator bait in their known area, and use scent cover so they won't come for you instead. When one shows, study it, then leave, or take it down.

User Info: an_Evil_Goat

1 month ago#3
A spot that always spawns them is between the West side and Northwest tip of Lake Isabella, right around the spot that the White Arabian spawns. Just head over there, hop off your horse and look around with binoculars or a scoped rifle.
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User Info: Eiztoom

1 month ago#4
Here's a risk free method that works pretty reliably. Go to the Loft fire watch tower in east Ambarino, Sleep in the nice clean bed til night and save your game. Go a very short distance away (say 30 metres) and put down a few predator baits. Go back up to the top of the tower and see what turns up. Most of the time it will be grey wolves. Reload til you get timber wolves. I can't remember if I used potent or normal baits.
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User Info: OLIV47

1 month ago#5
Use poison arrows .
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User Info: Jacabben

1 month ago#6
Use binoculars as well, zoom in and study
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User Info: tjerkstore

1 month ago#7
I had to punch and kick one until it ran off (shot the other 2 out of 3). Then you can chase it and study it.
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