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User Info: WingusBingus

3 months ago#1
Personally have been finding it hard to tell whether the gaming community likes red dead 2 or not. First stellar critic reviews, then extremely polarised opinions from the community, nowadays it almost seems like people have become more positive. While Metacritic user score should be assessed with a grain of salt, it does seem more positive than it was before (now 8.1, previously 7.5-7.8 for a long while). Have people’s opinions changed? I know it’s kinda a stupid question, but what is the general opinion of the gaming community on RDR2, one year later?

User Info: ChomoArigato

3 months ago#2
It’s a great game. Nothing is perfect, but it’s easily the culmination of Rockstars efforts and one of the most impressive games on the PS4.
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User Info: JM_14_GOW

3 months ago#3
Its pretty damn good, I bought it at launch then dropped it because I was too busy with other stuff. Eventually got around to play it again recently. I think I am close to beating it, the story really picks up. My only complaint is the controls so many different combinations to do different actions.

User Info: GSid

3 months ago#4
To hell with the gaming community and what they think. The whole sub culture of “gamers” is cringe worthy.

But most of the regulars here that provide information and help think the game is great. If they didn’t, they wouldn’t help others to enjoy it.
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User Info: kg88222

3 months ago#5
I think the main issue is with the hype with the media and marketing with these games. It's a very good game but I'm not completely blind where I'm overlooking the flaws with it. Still as far as this generation it's one of the biggest and best games. So technically it's doing things other games aren't. But again it's taste. Outer Worlds is a very good game too and might not be as big as this but does other things well this game doesn't. There are other good games. I think a lot of the time these games get a ton of hype and like is said the gaming culture is pretty lousy. Youtubers and the media be damned. Still it's a video game and enjoyable. But I could do without a lot of that stuff. Subculture or gaming culture. Which is it? I think a lot of gaming culture today is pretty bad. These aren't exactly educated people because they got a job working at gamespot and do cosplay. The general consensus is it's a good game. I'm on my 3rd playthrough and not many games really are worth that.

User Info: DempetFengor

3 months ago#6
Only fools care for general opinion with something as subjective as opinions on entities as trivial as video games,
Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.

User Info: kg88222

3 months ago#7
I don't think everything is subjective that's just ridiculous, but this game sort of is because most of the fun I've had with this game is what I've made of it. That is a sign of a good game but is subjective. The story gameplay and all of that do give you those tools at the very least. It's not without it's issues. I think the media and hype is very subjective.

User Info: Jackson7777

3 months ago#8
GSid posted...
regulars here that provide information and help think the game is great. If they didn’t, they wouldn’t help others to enjoy it.
That's the facts!

User Info: jackynkurttims

2 months ago#9
Here's my comments. I never finished the game and don't intend to - two reasons why.

1. Spoilers - no interest in the story once all the people who finished it in the first couple days have it all away.

2. The controls are horrible in my opinion, and they frustrated the hell out of me.

That being said, I appreciate the great graphics, sound, attention to detail and the massive game world they made. It's a great game and I can see why people like it. I just don't like it enough to play it more than the 15-ish hours I put in.
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User Info: Samanosuke187

2 months ago#10
I managed to avoid all spoilers. It’s easily one of my favourite games of all time. The deliberate pacing and just how immersed you feel in this world is unparalleled in any other open world game I’ve played. I would genuinely walk around towns instead of sprinting. Slowly trot with my horse instead of going full speed. Always take care of my horse before getting on or after getting off. Eat once a day. Sleep almost every night. Not because the game wanted me to or I needed to. It just felt like the right thing to do. This game felt real to me. It all came down to the attention to detail Rockstar managed to put into the game and the amazing characters.
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