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  3. Only 7 people from this board correctly predicted the PC release.

User Info: HoosierGuy88

1 month ago#1
I held off on buying it for the PS4 and now it's finally coming to PC next month, super excited! Here's the poll I conducted a year ago...

(message deleted)

User Info: HoosierGuy88

1 month ago#3
GSid posted...
Happy for you! Be sure to clean the Cheeto dust off your mouse.

#1 rule of PC gaming is never eat anything messy. The last thing you want is crumbs in between your keys.

User Info: Jackson7777

1 month ago#4
These Cheetos are makin me thrifty!

User Info: Optimist_Pryme

1 month ago#5
#golfclap -_-
No dream is too big, no challenge too great, nothing we want for our future is beyond our reach. When somebody challenges you, fight back; be brutal, be tough.

User Info: aryacooloff

1 month ago#6
shockingly low specs btw
meow wow is best kh companion and this is an objective fact

User Info: Natural510

1 month ago#7
I was one of the seven, and since you didn’t come with all that “PC master race” crap I won’t spoil the story for you.

User Info: ZentetsukenVII

1 month ago#8
Kinda surprises me so many people thought it wasn't coming to PC. After beating RDR2 I moved on, buuut it you'd think with R* releasing GTA V on PC and GTAO being a huge money bank for them that of course they'd do the same with RDR2 (more specifically RDO). I didn't imagine this soon though, figured mid to late 2020.

I'm definitely repurchasing it, loved the game.. But mainly want to see what modders can do with the game.

User Info: wafflekings

1 month ago#9
ps5 is coming next holiday season. i guess they had to rush the pc release sooner than later.

User Info: Jackson7777

1 month ago#10

I would not buy this or load this on my PC if it was half price. I am disgusted at how R* has treated single players of this game. Treating us as if we stole their game... or bought it at a huge discount. Treating single players as if we got something for free... as they have turn their backs on us.

I like RDR2 but I have lost respect for R* and their BS attitude towards single players.

I will stop short of saying I will never buy R* again... but they have lost me as a loyal auto-buying customer. Next time R* releases a game it will take quite a few months and many many reviews saying it is must have (real reviews, not the typical planted game maker shill BS reviews) before I pay up.... maybe then I will buy. But if that game does not have basically flawless perfect "must have" reviews... then I will skip it and just play Sleeping Dogs, RDR1 or some other game again.

I paid full price for RDR2... but based on how they ignore single players... and doing good things ONLY for online players it seems like R* thinks I stole it... that will not happen again.

Dont get me wrong, I enjoy the game, I will re-play RDR2 for a long time, but it is a drag to see R* ignore good single player suggestions (e.g. allow us to get rid of some guns on our wheel) while catering to every whim and wish of online players, adding tons of new content for online players... while treating single players as if we stole their game.
(edited 1 month ago)
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  3. Only 7 people from this board correctly predicted the PC release.
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