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  3. I would love to see R* make a fantasy open world

User Info: Nozak

1 month ago#11
Why did you not spell Rockstar proper.
what’s the R*?

User Info: BeefEaster

1 month ago#12
Nozak posted...
Why did you not spell Rockstar proper.
what’s the R*?

R* is their logo

Have you been living under a rock?


User Info: rockabilly_man

1 month ago#13
Nozak posted...
Why did you not spell Rockstar proper.
what’s the R*?

Call yourself a gamer?

User Info: Bleakwail

1 month ago#14
AssaultOnSector posted...
And blow Elder Scrolls away. I loved Witcher 3, but I think R* could top that. I love their story-telling.

IMO, this game qualifies as a fantasy, open world, RPG.

Despite it being based in a world containing some historically accurate people, places, and things...

There are some pretty fantastical things that exist in this game, that could definitely be considered fantasy.

Personally, I have spent more hours in this game's open world than I have ever, in ANY other fantasy RPG over the last exactly 30 years of gaming.

...And my favorite genre has always been single player, fantasy RPG's.

I used to be an Elder Scrolls fan.

I spent about 1k total hours on Oblivion and Skyrim, not just playing, but creating mods.

Dark Souls Trilogy

The list goes on, dating back 30 years.

Hell, I probably spent at least 500 hours in RDR 1.

However, I digress.

I agree. R* could make an incredible medieval, swords-'n-shields fantasy RPG.

There must be a good reason for why they haven't, all these years.

Making a single player fantasy RPG, is stepping in to some BIG shoes to fill.

Maybe they just didn't want to go there, since they've already made a monumental name for themselves with GTA and RDR.

In other words, maybe they've just chosen to stick with what they know is working out well for them.

User Info: iSystem

1 month ago#15
dontneedaname posted...
CD Projekt Red actually cares about SP, so R* fails automatically.
Amen to that! R* would just abandon the game once they release it, aside from a performance patch here or there. Forget any story dlc or expansions or anything like that.
CDPR on the other hand are the kings of add on story content. They do dlc done right, especially single player story dlc.
But in Rockstar's defense, once they release a single player game, it's usually a finished product. Like look at games like gta 3, vice city, San Andreas, bully, etc. They were legit finished games that didn't really need any story dlc, they were big enough as is.

User Info: evil_cricket

1 month ago#16
I don't get this obsession with DLC. Pretty much any other game would be hailed for being complete at launch. I get wanting more, I'd love a single player dlc as well, but I think it's nice to buy the game and be "done". No drip feed bulls***.

On topic: a fantasy world could be cool. I think the Rockstar formula could be applied to lots of genres, like maybe pirates or even Samurai.
"It's good to be the king."

User Info: ninjaman44

1 month ago#17
I'd prefer they do a sci-fi game instead. I think there's more potential there, and they could even keep the same (outdated) gameplay system they continue to use.
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