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User Info: monkyby87

1 month ago#11
rockabilly_man posted...
Only glitch that bothers me is the weapons unequipping while on horseback and that remains unpatched it seems.

For me that was solved quite a while ago with a patch. When you’re riding, you’ll automatically put away weapons, but when you get off your horse you’ll still have the weapons equipped. The exception is if you’re in a town, you’ll always have to manually equip your stuff again.
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User Info: Jackson7777

1 month ago#12
SaintAkira7 posted...
Jackson7777 posted...
like something as simple allowing us to have a gun locker next to our clothes closet to store guns we dont use often and want off the wheel...

I swear, if they sold this and more stable slots as filthy microtransactions in single player, I would put aside my distaste for microtransactions and buy them in a heartbeat. No questions asked. For the love of Arthur, let us choose a load out for the horse.
It seems like it would be so simply to copy/paste the code for clothes.
We can carry some clothes and park most clothes.
Why not have that for guns to unclutter the wheel?

oh well... it is fine the way it is. The game is fine and playable as is. I am happy :)

and... I dont need no stinkin patches!!!

User Info: Jackson7777

1 month ago#13


1 month ago#14
Dlc please R
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