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  3. Is this a new glitch?

User Info: resevil67

2 months ago#1
I just recently started playing this again as I never finished it. I noticed now for some reason when you sit at the table in camp with a beer or whiskey Arthur will automatically stand up and the game will glitch out resulting in him either standing on the table, or standing on the seat.

I remember in the past if you were eating stew or drinking a beer at the camp table he would just set the stew bowl or beer on the table, or throw them to his left or right but keep sitting. Now he pretty much force stands up, but because the table is in front of him it causes some amusing glitches.

For example once Arthur got glitched inside the table. I had another instance where it caused Tilly and Charles to telepprt on the table as well XD.

User Info: SerenitySix

2 months ago#2
This happens in multiplayer as well. The online is probably at fault. When they updated the game to have an online component it had an affect on the single player
Team Yen

User Info: frankspank

2 months ago#3
This is what happens when everyone whines about the slow and deliberate movement. You end up with half-assed animations to shorten the time it takes for Arthur to stand up. Seems the quality of the game has greatly diminished in direct to response to people's gripes. This is a case that just proves the customer is never right.

User Info: iSystem

2 months ago#4
I had this one myself as well. First time I tried eating stew sitting down after finishing the plate Arthur stands up on top of the table. Definitely seen this one.
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  3. Is this a new glitch?
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