8 months ago #5

1. Kill 3 flying birds
2. Kill 2 different species of animal in the same dead eye use
3. Kill 5 birds while on a moving train
4. Kill an enemy at least 80 feet away with a thrown tomahawk
5. Kill 6 animals without switching or reloading your weapon
6. Kill someone at least 660 feet away with a long scoped rifle
7. Get 7 headshots in a row
8. Disarm 3 enemies without switching or reloading your weapon
9. Shoot 3 people’s hats off in the same dead eye use
10. Kill 3 flying birds with 3 consecutive long scoped rifle shots


1. Catch 3 Bluegill fish
2. Hand 5 animals into camp or Trapper
3. Kill 5 animals using a Varmint Rifle
4. Craft a dynamite, poison, improved, fire and small game arrow
5. Catch a fish in the bayou from riverboat and from the train tracks
6. Kill a scavenging animal while it is feeding on a corpse 5 times
7. Kill 8 small game animals with consecutive shots, using small game arrows
8. Craft a homing and improved tomahawk, volatile dynamite and volatile fire bottle
9. Catch a fish that weighs at least 19 pounds
10. Catch one of each type of fish


1. Kill 3 enemies with a knife
2. Kill 3 enemies in 10 seconds using only throwing knives
3. Kill 3 birds of prey using only a tomahawk
4. Kill 10 enemies with a shotgun using crafted ammo
5. Kill 5 mounted enemies, using one throwing knife per kill
6. Kill 4 enemies at the same time with a single stick of dynamite
7. Kill 4 consecutive enemies by throwing and retrieving the same tomahawk
8. Kill 15 enemies using the long barreled shotgun
9. Kill 9 unaware enemies from behind, using the bow
10. Kill a grizzly bear with only throwing knives, without taking damage.

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