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  3. Why does my horse always poop when I brush it?

User Info: ssj_duelist

1 month ago#31
klyrner posted...
The horse's s*** is actually concerning. For all Rockstar did with animations, the only one there is in that regard implies the horse is unhealthy.

Yeah it's very sloppy and really digested. Should be a lot more horse feed in there.
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User Info: RedJacket200

1 month ago#32
es289408 posted...
That guy who owns 7 horses rents them out to rich Asian business men who are in town for meetings. They call him up, and if they have their own appropriate accommodations for the animal, then he is able to deliver for a fee. If a customer cannot provide their own appropriate accommodations then he can rent them a private stable to house the animal, complete with bed, bathroom, and essential ointments.

Ha I wish. They are show horses. Ride show, bridal show, jumping and what not.
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User Info: klyrner

1 month ago#33
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