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  3. Is the Legend of the East satchel worth it if I don't want to pursue Challenges?

User Info: Luke_the_Duke15

3 weeks ago#1
Whenever I see someone say it's worth it to get it early, they always say because it makes certain Challenges like the herbalist ones easier.

If I don't want to pursue the Challenges, is it still recommended to spend hours hunting for the perfect pelts? I don't mind the hunting, but I just don't know if I want to spend hours running all over the map to find a bunch of perfect pelts for this satchel if I currently don't feel that limited by inventory space and I'm not planning on pursuing the Challenges. At least not right now anyway. I'm still in Chapter 2, but just the thought of traveling all over the map for this fills me with dread.

Is this something I can just overlook?

User Info: monkyby87

3 weeks ago#2
In the epilogue you can just buy the upgrades.
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User Info: kainzow42

3 weeks ago#3
My first playthrough I didnt get any of the satchels. Never really bothered me just had to visit the fence more often. My second playthrough I went for the satchels as early as I could. I didnt specifically hunt for most of the animals just found them exploring the world. Only had to Google maybe 3 animals. For all the complaining on the web about getting 3 star animals, I found it fairly easy. It is definitely worth the effort but not necessary.

User Info: Game_Fan09

3 weeks ago#4
You can carry 99 of everything, except watches so if that interests you then yes but obviously its not necessary.
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User Info: Luke_the_Duke15

3 weeks ago#5
I think it's overkill to be honest, and my inventory feels bloated regardless. I can't see when I would ever need to carry 99 of any item other than if I'm too lazy to go to the Trapper, which is significantly less trouble and busywork than hunting animals all over the map.

Think I'll skip it for my sanity.

User Info: dweeeeb2

3 weeks ago#6
It just means that you get to keep pretty much everything you can loot, ie stuff isn’t left behind cause your satchel is full. saves a bit of money in the long run.
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User Info: Jellybird

3 weeks ago#7
It really doesn't take that long to get it but you have to enjoy hunting.

User Info: Luke_the_Duke15

3 weeks ago#8
Like I said, I don't mind it, but I also didn't buy the game to play a hunting simulator and don't like going out of my way for it, and I don't feel the inventory space is as limited as a lot of people say. If I can't carry anymore of a certain item, I take that to mean that I have enough of that item, especially since I don't use items that much anyway aside from restoring cores.

That's probably my biggest gripe with the game, to be honest. I acknowledge that there are people who like the hunting, and see the merit in that myself, but I don't like that they locked most of the upgrades behind a lot of seemingly unfun gameplay that exposes the flaws in the game's content. I think the game's side content is best experienced in between main missions as periodic distractions, but by itself it's not enough to carry the game. That's why I stay away from the challenges. Yeah, they reward you well, but I do want to enjoy the game also. There's a lot of stuff worth doing, definitely. But I think it's better suited to a natural progression where you stumble upon it while doing the main story as opposed to going out of your way to find and do it, whereas the challenges (and the hunting for the satchel to a much lesser degree) run counter to that.

User Info: STG Deathbot

STG Deathbot
3 weeks ago#9
Maybe I'm playing wrong, but the only items I ever use is the occasional thyme venison and oats (for my horse). I'm in late Chapter 4 and I cannot remember the last time I actually used anything else and since I'm loaded with so much money, I don't even bother using gun oil anymore since it's far quicker to just let a gunsmith fix my weapons for me.

Looking back, I don't want to hunt for badgers or that many deer again. I can't count how many hours I wasted just wandering the countryside looking for animals. I also thought once I brought a legendary skin back to the trapper, then that entire clothing line would be unlocked, but it appears I'll be stuck out in the wilderness skinning animals until my PS4 breaks just to get half the outfits in the game.
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User Info: Jackson7777

3 weeks ago#10
If you loot dead bodies the legendary satchel will allow you to collect/keep everything, if you do not have it then you will leave a lot of silver and gold. I am not sure it matters in the long run, but it is nice to have valuables.
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  3. Is the Legend of the East satchel worth it if I don't want to pursue Challenges?
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