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  3. What is the saddest death in the game *spoilers*

User Info: khain37

2 months ago#21
Joulurotta posted...
DJB1234 posted...
No, the nain one is you go to collect his debt and he/his wife tells you he is ill... (story then continues in chap 6)

There may be others, but i think thats the main instance the game wants you to see

When you go to Valentine, he stands front of the building site, between stable and general store asking donations. Mission where you end up in bar fight, he is the fellow who asks you not to kill Tommy. When you get Strauss mission to collect his depts he moves to his ranch where he kills Arthur and little later dies. All the time same fellow.

Yes you encounter this guy and his family a few times. One of the ones not mentioned is when you're about to leave to hit the bank in Valentine, Strauss comes over and mentions the guy died and the wife assumes the debt. At the end of the heist, before going back to camp you ride over to their ranch and catch them loading up their wagon and moving out. That's the last time you see them until I believe chapter 4 when you chase the kid down to get the nun's cross back (side mission) and then ch 6 if you have high honor.
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User Info: Game_Fan09

2 months ago#22
Arthur no doubt. I wasn't sad when Sean died but almost awe struck as it was so sudden it was low down.
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User Info: xiutye

2 months ago#23
The most shocking death of all would've been John's. That would've been so messed up, like in the last mission(s) just say "screw you continuity, John's gonna take this bullet for Arthur in a cutscene and drop dead. How does he manage to MC the previous game after that? Stop asking questions and avenge him!"
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User Info: bullsfan87

2 months ago#24
nnulda posted...
bullsfan87 posted...
crb41185 posted...
Horse was sad. Arthur's was sadder imo. Why can't John have access to Arthur's stabled horses? I had lvl 4 black Arab and Buell in there assuming I could get them in epilogue

Glad I forgot all about the veteran until I was John. Buell and Rachel forever lol

Because Epilogue takes place around 7 years later
All of Arthurs horses would either have been sold to the glue factory, or assuming the stables were paid up...they would be too old to be any use for anything other than glue .....

Yes Buell is a contradiction to this if you finish the Veteran afterwards,
But it seems a lot got him shot anyway

Thats why in my 3rd play......I leave Buell till John
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User Info: Ijsje

2 months ago#25
7 years isn’t that much for a horse though. Even heavily worked horses usually live a good 20 years, over 30 is not rare for horses that are taken decent care of...

So unless all of Arthur’s horses were already old they wouldn’t be useless in 7 years

User Info: nativengine

2 months ago#26
Great white buffalo


User Info: DaOnlyKoopaKing

2 months ago#27
Honestly, with the knowledge of the story of RDR1, Arthur's death hits even harder. All the sacrifice, all the death, just for jack to still lose his family and to continue the cycle of American violence that they so many tried so hard to break.
Eagle flies was also horrible in the sense of he was the representative icon of the culture as a whole, and his culture died with him. Also very easy to sympathize and understand the self destructive, recklessly vengeful attitude that he possessed.

User Info: Overlord Hikash

Overlord Hikash
2 months ago#28
Arthur. Jesus, I did NOT want to play as John.
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