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  3. now thats its been out a month, what are your thoughts?

User Info: BeefEaster

3 months ago#11
I'm on my second playthrough and can ride around hunting and stuff for hours without ever even doing any missions and have more fun than I do with most other games
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User Info: osiris605

3 months ago#12
Took me about a week and a half to get over the s***ty inventory system and hunting changes from the 1st game. Once I finally started to enjoy the game I got to guarma and that almost killed it for me. I'd say the game is good, not great.

User Info: xamdamCO

3 months ago#13
Still loving it and playing most days. It's helped the last nearly 8 weeks go by in a hurry.

User Info: condemnedtolive

3 months ago#14
At the rate I'm playing, I'll finish the story in February of next year. And that's fine by me.

User Info: UnlessJack

3 months ago#15
It's a good game. Visually its stunning, the sounds in this game are God tier, amazing attention to detail, good character development and top notch voice work. It nails all of the technical points right on the head.

The more you play though, the shallower the gameplay feels. Combat is pretty simplistic and feels repetitive, dead eye is a little too abusable, wanted system can be f***ing dumb at times, the in game economy seems pointless with very little cool s*** to spend cash on, no reliable fast travel makes it a chore to play in short bursts, and the control scheme is poorly thought out and can cause problems.

It's like a 8/10 for me.
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User Info: waltdawg443

3 months ago#16
Loved every minute of it. I wasn't even planning on getting this game, but bought it on a whim, and man am I glad I did. Best game I've played in many years, and it deserves every positive word that's been said about it.
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User Info: JohnnyB21

3 months ago#17
MattTheRat007 posted...
been playing since release and still haven't made it to chapter 3.

It's pretty easy to get stuck in chapter 2. I mean that in a good way. I'm on my 2nd playthrough and have been in chapter 2 for about 3 weeks now. I may advance to chapter 3 and just stay there for free roam fun.
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User Info: B0vril

3 months ago#18
The world and it's audio-visual presentation is incredible. And I really enjoy exploring and hunting.I'll continue playing it casually for that at least.

However I quickly grew tired of the story, it felt increasingly over written & really hokey in many parts. The characters too were much to cartoonish.

The mission design though is, I think, the worst thing about the game. Ultra linear, irritatingly handy holdy and ultimately very dull to play.

Also lots of listening to tedious repetitive expositions on horse back.

I was really hoping Rockstar would grow up a bit, both in terms of writing and game design, particularly with this title.

User Info: donsparks

3 months ago#19
Had it since launch and I'm still in chapter 2. Love this game.

User Info: frankspank

3 months ago#20
Exactly the same as when I brought it home and first played it. Easily the best game released this decade.
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  3. now thats its been out a month, what are your thoughts?
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