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  3. now thats its been out a month, what are your thoughts?

User Info: darren19822000

3 months ago#1
was planning on getting this on release but the wife stiffed me on a bday gift....so probably gonna grab it after xmas. ve read there were some glitches and stuff that made people turned off on the game, as well as some eating and drinking mechanics werent very fun.

funds are limite4d this time of year due to kids so any info would be greatly appriciated.
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User Info: kg88222

3 months ago#2
It's good. Just as long as you don't expect it to be something it's not. I'm kind of tired of this kind of game to be honest. Been playing rockstar games for years though and they are all the same in ways after a while as far as the general gameplay. Still if you want a well crafted rockstar game this is probably the best one they've ever made. As far as immersion and activities and things to do this is the most immersive game they've made.

User Info: TylerID

3 months ago#3
My game of all time and possibly for a long time. Story campaign alone.

User Info: i like rpgz

i like rpgz
3 months ago#4
There's enough meat in this game to keep you busy for months if you'd like. Amazing single player content. It can be overwhelming at first, especially if you're a completionist.
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User Info: orzy4

3 months ago#5
Enjoying the game, still going strong in single player since day 1, but am getting frustrated with the controls. Getting sick of trying to pull my gun with L2 only to get the conversation choices instead (also uses L2). the cover system sucks as well. Getting killed a lot because of the above.

User Info: Joulurotta

3 months ago#6
Pretty standard rockstar’s illusion of freedom.

User Info: Kaldrenthebold

3 months ago#7
Superb. I'm at 96% story completion and I've loved every second of it. The end of the sixth chapter had me teared up numerous times. Truly a phenomenal experience.

Gameplay, it's aight.
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User Info: KingHova045

3 months ago#8
It's awesome.
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User Info: MattTheRat007

3 months ago#9
been playing since release and still haven't made it to chapter 3.

User Info: SaintAkira7

3 months ago#10
Very good. There's a few issues that may hinder your enjoyment, but the majority of glitches (namely the Camp Bug) have been addressed. The life-sim stuff is really not a big deal and you can ignore it completely if you choose to.

If you like the original, or any R* game, there's enough content in the game to get significantly more than your money's worth. I have 3 kids myself and feel you on the budget, my dude. If you enjoy the hunting and fishing aspect, it's an absolute must-buy; this could have legitimately been sold as a camping simulator. There's enough to hunt, gather, and fish to last dozens of hours. And again; if you don't want to do any of it, it's generally optional, aside from a few required story missions.

There's gambling, robbery, horsing around (pun intended), a bit of crafting, treasure hunting, side missions, challenges (many of which are bulls***), the actual story itself; there's a lot of content.
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  2. Red Dead Redemption 2
  3. now thats its been out a month, what are your thoughts?
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