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User Info: hulkhogan1

3 months ago#1
I was holding it together pretty well, even when I knew the end was coming. That ride back to camp when Arthur was going to confront Micah; as soon as that music piece set in I knew it was going to be an emotional ride. But when Arthur’s horse gets killed and he says to it “thank you” some tears definitely started to come out. With the exception of a few temporary horses, I kept the same horse for nearly the entire game. I instantly thought of all the the long journeys we had, all of the food I fed it, all of the times I patted it and said “you’re a good boy”. So to witness its end, and Arthur getting to say goodbye in his own way, that hit me harder than any other death in the game. Arthur’s own death was pretty emotional too, but the death of his horse might have been one of the hardest things i’ve ever had to witness in any video game.
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User Info: Klop_Job

3 months ago#2
Yeah on my SECOND playthrough I made sure that I just used an extremely temporary horse for the last few missions. I ended up selling my main horse at the stables, which was still a rather emotional moment but at least she didn't die this time.

User Info: LordSkippy

3 months ago#3
Watching my White Arabian die in that mission was heartbreaking.
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User Info: tomo012

3 months ago#4
Buell, rest in peace
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User Info: Shadow Flare

Shadow Flare
3 months ago#5
tomo012 posted...
Buell, rest in peace

Yeah I won’t be using either my White Arabian or Buell for the last few missions, I’ll stable or sell them and buy or steal a random horse.
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User Info: angelucci75

3 months ago#6
Oh yeah, that was the one moment (horse death) I couldn't hold back the tears...

kind of sucks that you carry all those randomly looted horse revivers throughout the whole game and can't use it there
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