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User Info: nowhere2hide

2 months ago#1
Will it still have the game mechanics of San Andreas? Or do you think they will actually try and innovate on a stale formula for once?
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User Info: OlendraDivine

2 months ago#2
In 7rs, the world will be ruled by giraffes. Humanity will then pay for all misdeeds when the treetops are stripped of their leaves.

User Info: Mr Penguin 007

Mr Penguin 007
2 months ago#3
It will be virtual reality and we'll have an influx of people who don't want to live in real life anymore... We'll all get jobs in virtual reality and humans will transcend to cyber beings.
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User Info: UnlessJack

2 months ago#4
It'll be a free mobile game that revolves around building your camp, raiding others, sending specific gang members to pull off robberies and hunting trips.
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User Info: guidolheat

2 months ago#5
It’ll just be Westworld.

User Info: Chao_Yun

2 months ago#6
Won't we all identify as attack helicopters by then?
Forest trees are greener.

User Info: DirtBasedSoap

2 months ago#7
in seven years open world video games are going to be avant garde acid trip simulators.
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User Info: krono069

2 months ago#8
Seven years is enough time into the future to make me wonder; considering my age... Probably by then I'll either be dead or some horror of life will finally crush my routine, mundane -- but not necessarily unhappy -- life.
"I may lead you astray every now and then, but I'm always a safe bet." ~Mat Cauthon

User Info: yungmiggs

2 months ago#9
Prolly the last red dead redemption.

I think we will get another game in this setting but it wont be titled red dead. New cast of characters.

User Info: monkyby87

2 months ago#10
What I can tell you is there will always be ignorant people like you creating s*** topics because they have no life.
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