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User Info: happychappy654

3 months ago#1
-Oversensitive wanted system needs a cheat to turn it off or need to be toned down. Impedes fun and discourages actually being an outlaw. Fix police being aimbots and every cop in the city knowing exactly where you are at all times.

-Forced walking indoors and camp. Totally pointless thing they should never have included. Did no one mention this during production? Lol

-Guns still unequip on horse. Realism? More like extremely irritating and useless.

-Fast travel system sucks. No one wants to use trains, a one way map and coaches. Make it's available endgame or something.

-Nothing to do in New Austin besides one bounty. Why does it exist? Why was it completely remade?

Any other ideas?
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User Info: HF92

3 months ago#2
Yeah the wanted system needs to be overhauled. It's the main source of frustration from me in this game. Self defense just results in the whole town being filled with police and bounty hunters (f*** that saint denis encounter) while nothing happens to NPC's that start shooting if they shoot first. It's both immersive breaking and worsens the gameplay. Witnesses often instantly inform police (somehow) in my experience, making the system pointless.

User Info: frankspank

3 months ago#3
Not sure what you people are doing in towns, but I've never had a case of self defense when it's in town.

Fast travel isn't needed.

Guns unequipping isn't really an issue unless you allow it to be.

New Austin has plenty more to do than one bounty.

Forced walking isn't really an issue, there is logic behind it.

I mean, you guys are complaining just to hear yourselves.

User Info: rockabilly_man

3 months ago#4
There are two bounties in Tumbleweed
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User Info: Joulurotta

3 months ago#5
Wanted system is ridiculous, out in middle of nowhere you make crime and lawman’s appears out of thin air, never seen 4 riders travel together outside of lawman’s and bounty hunters, but apparently they set camps everywhere.
In towns it’s even more ridiculous, in Valentine there supposed to be 1 sheriff and 1 deputy, but rob a store and lawman’s are pouring out of every building.
Main mission in Strawberry was something I just can’t figure out, all the suddenly every townsfolk turned into lawman.

User Info: ors_kar

3 months ago#6
Joulurotta posted...
Main mission in Strawberry was something I just can’t figure out, all the suddenly every townsfolk turned into lawman.

rockstar can't design decent combat gameplay so all their missions are them just throwing lots of bodies at you and hoping the raw body count combined with fast auto aiming will be fun for you.

police and sympathising townsfolk instantly appearing everywhere is just part of that illusion to give challenge. same way apparently every small gang is actually more like a whole goddamn company or battalion

just have to try to not think about how when you essentially gun down a whole town of people it should be deserted for months afterwards. I suppose you could just go from the viewpoint that all ai enemies, except scripted story guys, are able to respawn with some minor money loss like you can.

actually, the strawberry one was pretty weird though. don't think you have any other mission where you get so many non law or gang people jumping in the fight. closest I've seen is if you shoot any one in van horn or butchers creek but those are both clearly otulaw/weirdo places where you don't get law turning up. I have yet to have another shootout kick off in strawberry to see if it was just a mission thing though.
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User Info: Jacabben

3 months ago#7
Yeah what exactly are you people doing to get wanted? I was perched in the open trying to do the 660 foot scoped sharpshooter challenge and never even got an investigating message. Only time I ever got wanted in towns was when it was unavoidable (Valentine robberies, micah in strawberry etc..). Also you are aware that any minor crime can be defused instead of running?
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User Info: _MorningStar

3 months ago#8
Being able to buy property.

User Info: RealSaint

3 months ago#9
In heated gunfights, lawmen keep spawning indefinitely out of thin air in groups of four.

Because realism.:v
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User Info: Viggs

3 months ago#10
1 HDR fix

That's it. Game works great otherwise
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