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User Info: DankAssSlurpee

4 weeks ago#1

User Info: bluntsworth22

4 weeks ago#2
PSN: bluntsworth
If you don't like it, then don't buy it.

User Info: sid4975

4 weeks ago#3
It's not working is it a virus? Is my phone going to explode in my face!

User Info: BrekkaMoroboshi

4 weeks ago#4
Thanks, Saved.

User Info: BonfireForCrow

4 weeks ago#5
Oh my lord, the slightly malevolent guitar note leading up to the shootout, the subtle camera shake when firing off rounds and the epic kill camera to end it all off. All over in a matter of seconds, like straight out of Leone's textbook.

This is gonna be a looong week.

User Info: BrekkaMoroboshi

4 weeks ago#6
Okay, that 20 seconds was tight as hell. I'll be picking this up. I like how the men reacted upon dismount, and when weapons were drawn.

User Info: WernerWolff

4 weeks ago#7
Oh my gawd...
Fortes Fortuna Adiuvat

User Info: meteora88

4 weeks ago#8
Manual aim looks goooood =D

User Info: Dracus47

4 weeks ago#9
The revolver gun shots sound like sex.

*Heavy breathing intensifies*

User Info: M4SK2F4CE

4 weeks ago#10
Video player is crap
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  3. Leaked Gameplay (20 secs)
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