2 months ago #10
I disagree. In terms of gameplay, it was very enjoyable. The dungeons were fun, the new psynergy and animation enjoyable, and though it usually takes two or three play throughs to get 100%, it didn't take away from the actual gameplay itself.

Now in terms of story, and comparing it to the first game... yes, one could say it was badly written. The story was all over the place, and didn't stick with any particular plot line. The points of no return are pretty disappointing too, and the fact that it ended in a cliffhanger...? Very bad. But there was also a lot of fans disappointed that their favorite characters weren't in.

But for someone like me, who's not that obsessed about the story, and just wants a fun dungeon-puzzle-magic game, it was acceptable. I still have yet to find a game with puzzles like it.

And like I said before, the series died, perhaps only partly because it's release took too long.
All right, all right, Mr. Amazing Scienceman. Clearly, your fantasy world is doing a fine job of making you happy...
-Janne Angard