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  3. LF HA butterfree, relaxed/brave curse pineco FT my HA EM pokemon

User Info: Tilak

1 month ago#1
Serebii says This pineco needs to be a gen 2 poke taught curse by TM 03. Ill take either of these natures with it ^^

HA timid butterfree
Relaxed/brave pineco w/ curse

HA/EM Breedjects (at least 3 random IVs):
Bagon: Adamant, rock head w/ hydro pump, Thrash, dragon dance, rage
Bruxish: Adamant, strong jaw w/ poison fangs, ice fangs
Bulbasaur: Modest chlorophyll w/ Giga drain
Charmander: Timid Solar Power w/ dragon pulse
Carvanha: Adamant, speed boost w/ hydro pump, double edge, ancient power, psychic fang
Chespin: Adamant bullet proof w/ spikes, curse
Comfey: Bold, natural cure
Dhelmise: Adamant
Drampa: Modest, cloud nine w/ play rough, hurricane, razor wind, mist
Dratini: Jolly, Marvel scale w/ extreme speed, dragon dance
Drilbur: Adamant Mold breaker/Sand force
Eevee: bold , anticipation w/ wish, yawn
Exeggcute: Adamant Harvest w/ natural gift, leaf storm, synthesize, grass field
Froakie: Timid Protean w/ poison spikes
Geodude: Galvanize, Adamant w/ wide guard, rock climb, curse, magnet rise
Geodude (NA): Adamant rock head w/ wide guard
Gible: Jolly, rough skin w/ Iron head, Outrage, sand tomb, body slam
Gligor: Impish Immunity (becomes poison heal)
Grimer: Adamant, Power of alchemy w/ stockpile, swallow
Heracross: Adamant Moxie w/ rock blast
Komala: Adamant w/ play rough, charm
Litten: modest Intimidate w/ nasty plot, heat wave, revenge, fake out
Minior: Adamant
Morelull: Modest rain dish w/ poison powder, stun spore, growth, leech seed
Nidoran female: modest hustle (becomes sheer force)
Nidoran Male: Modest Hustle (becomes sheer force)
Oranguru: Calm Inner focus w/ extrasensory, psychic terrain
Oshawott: Jolly w/ screech, assurance, night slash, brine
Pinsir: Jolly w/ quick attack, close combat
Popplio: Modest Liquid voice w/ aqua ring, perish song, charm, amnesia
Pyukumuku: Bold w/ endure, venom drench, bestow, bide
Riolu: Timid, Prankster/inner focus w/ vacuum wave, HP ice
Rockruff: Steadfast/Vital Spirit, Jolly w/ thunder fang, fire fang, sucker punch
Rockruff: Own tempo, Jolly w/ fire fang, Thrash
Rowlet: adamant long reach w/ baton touch, haze, confuse ray, defog
Sandshrew (NA): Jolly Sand rush w/ rapid spin
Sandygast: Bold, water compaction w/ amnesia, stockpile
Shellder: Jolly skill link w/ Icicle spear, rock blast
Shinx: Adamant, Rivalry w/ Ice fangs, Fire fangs, eerie impulse
Shroomish: Adamant Quick feet w/ worry seed, bullet seed (becomes technician)
Slowpoke: Bold regenerator w/ yawn, curse
Squirtle: Timid Torrent w/ Aura sphere, dragon pulse
Snivy: Timid contrary
Spheal: Calm, Thick fat w/ aqua ring, belly drum, yawn, curse
Torchic: Adamant speed boost w/ baton pass
Totodie: Impish Sheer force w/ ice punch, crunch
Venipede: Jolly speedboost w/ spikes, poison spikes
Vulpix: Snow Warning, Timid w/ extrasensory, hypnosis, freeze dry, Moonblast
Vulpix (NA): Timid Drought w/ hypnosis
Wingull: Bold Hydration w/ Wide guard, soak
Wishiwashi: adamant w/ muddy water, water pulse, haze
3DS FC: 1435 - 6900 - 7452 Pokemon Sun IGN: Touya (in japanese)
TSV: 1248
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  3. LF HA butterfree, relaxed/brave curse pineco FT my HA EM pokemon
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