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User Info: Josie_S

1 month ago#1
Sadly I missed the Marshadow event for Ultra Sun.
Wondering if someone has a spare Marshadow to trade.
Not picky on stats or nature.
Just wanting one for my dex.

I can trade the following:

Rayquaza (Shiny)
Kyogre (Shiny)
Tapu Koko (Shiny)
Meloetta (Shiny)

If there is something else you are looking for feel free to ask as I may have it.
Thanks everyone!

User Info: Jkutz02

1 month ago#2
Are you looking to just fill your dex or are you looking for one to keep
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User Info: Josie_S

1 month ago#3
@Jkutz02 I was looking for one to keep while filling my dex.

Someone traded me one last night so I'm set!

Thanks for the reply though!
FC: 2080-2789-4691
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