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User Info: TJ_113300

4 weeks ago#1
I just started a new game and I need some Pokémon with Synchronize to help me obtain Pokémon with the right natures. I’m looking for Synchronizers with Adamant, Jolly, Bold, Calm, Impish, Careful, and Naive natures.

I don’t care about the stats or the IVs, just the natures. Since I just started, I only have beginner garbage Pokémon to trade.

Thanks in advance.
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User Info: Chewbloka

4 weeks ago#2
I have a mild synchronize ralts if you want
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User Info: Sword-of-Summer

4 weeks ago#3
I have a ton of Abras and Ralts with Synchronize. I'm pretty much guaranteed to have at least a few of the natures you're looking for. I can trade tomorrow if you want
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