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User Info: Savior0420

6 months ago#1
Good morning everyone! And what a glorious day it will be! Please read the entire post as it has all the info you need to get these mons. Do not flood my Inbox with questions that are answered here please.

ForgeProject = My P.I.C.

The giveaway is starting!

What is up for grabs today!?

Shiny Kanto Set:

Shiny Bulbasaur with HA
Shiny Ivysaur with HA
Shiny Venusar with HA
Shiny Charmander with HA
Shiny Charmeleon with HA
Shiny Charizard with HA
Shiny Squirtle with HA
Shiny Wartortle with HA
Shiny Charizard with HA
Shiny Articuno
Shiny Zapdos
Shiny Moltres
Shiny 2016 X/Y Event Mewtwo (decided on going with the event Mewtwo since I already did a giveaway for a different Mewtwo)
Shiny Mew (transfered from a JPN copy of Emerald)

These mons are from my collection and cloned for the giveaway I didn't mod their stats or IVs. Mostly untouched.


Shiny Alola Set:

Shiny Rowlet with HA
Shiny Dartrix with HA
Shiny Decidueye with HA
Shiny Litten with HA
Shiny Torracat with HA
Shiny Incineroar with HA
Shiny Popplio with HA
Shiny Brionne with HA
Shiny Primarina with HA
Shiny Type: Null
Shiny Event Silvally
Shiny Event Tapu Koko
Tapu Lele (Shiny Locked :( )
Tapu Bulu (shiny Locked :( )
Tapu Fini (Shiny Locked :( )
Cosmog (Shiny Locked :( )
Cosmoem (Shiny Locked :( )
Solgaleo (Shiny Locked :( )
Lunala (Shiny Locked :( )
Event Marshadow (Shiny Locked :( )
Event Zeraora (Shiny Locked :( )

I had a friend (not ForgeProject) help me with the Alola set (still setting up for Generation 7) but the event mons where mine from my collection and cloned for the giveaway!

Just a heads up as well ForgeProject only has a copy of Pokémon Sun. So do not try to send anything introduced in Ultra Sun or Ultra Moon. So no Ultra Beasts or Zeraora to him it will not work and you will just waste time.

How to get these Mons:

1. Add myself (Savior) and ForgeProject to your friends list on your 3DS.

2. Comment on this board your Friend code AND In game name.

3. Watch your GameFaq alerts. When we add you one of us will comment on this board and @ you in it.

4. After receiving the alert from Gamefaqs that you have been mentioned in the giveaway board head into Festival Plaza.


6. WE WILL REQUEST THE LINK TRADE TO YOU! Do not flood us with link trade requests it will only hinder our ability to give these away.

7. Have a good set of junk mons to send for the packs.

8. Enjoy your new mons!

ForgeProject is in charge of the Kanto mons.
I will be handling Alola.

We will get to everyone but I have a feeling the turnout will be amazing!

Savior: FC: 4485-3812-4804. IGN: Daniel.

Forge Project: FC: 4527-7251-4940. IGN: Mason.
Pokemon Master, rookie breeder. Let me see if I can be of any help. :) QUACK
FC: 4485-3812-4804. IGN: Daniel.

User Info: ForgeProject

6 months ago#2
Hay everyone!!!

User Info: Greninja721

6 months ago#3
Hey guys my fc is in my signature and my ign as well you guys rock! Super quack!!!

User Info: RedLUNi3

6 months ago#4
IGN: Red Luni
Fc: 1907-8609-8409

User Info: andrewlh97

6 months ago#5
fc: andrew
ign: 1435-7987-9301

User Info: Zalladane

6 months ago#6
Hi my details ar in my sig is that ok
I also need to catch a bunch of junk Pokémon
My ING is Kassie And my FC is 1135 - 3195 - 7880 I go by Zalladane

User Info: Jerom88

6 months ago#7
IGN: Jason
FC: 5000 3069 4859
Pokémon: Shiny Event Tapu Koko, Shiny Event Silvally, Shiny Event Mewtwo, Zeraora.

Thanks so much for doing this!
3DS FC: 5000-3069-4859 | ACNL DA: 7C00-00F8-A322

User Info: PantsDown

6 months ago#8

User Info: Savior0420

6 months ago#9

You're up first!
Pokemon Master, rookie breeder. Let me see if I can be of any help. :) QUACK
FC: 4485-3812-4804. IGN: Daniel.

User Info: Solidsnake521

6 months ago#10
Ign: BigOl'D

Shiny litten with HA
Shiny Bulbasaur with HA
FC: 4914-7195-2604
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