This game disappoints me

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User Info: KingArc

1 year ago#1
Misinputs that either put me in a very bad position or a stock loss, sd (this really boils my blood) and jank.

Look I get it, it's all part of the game. But sometimes it makes me not wanna play anymore. Even though I really love the franchise, it's very irritating.
Competitive sm4sh player. (Mega Man)

User Info: _KGC_

1 year ago#2
Is this about the weeklies you enter? With them using monitors that you aren't used to?
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User Info: messhia_dark

1 year ago#3
The weeklies you're playing in are strong don't get discouraged.

User Info: KingArc

1 year ago#4
Monitors are fine now. It's just that I naturally play better in casuals and friendlies. Looking at my performance on both I can say for sure I'm not johning at this.
Competitive sm4sh player. (Mega Man)

User Info: NeutronStar256

1 year ago#5
i feel you i can be super inconsistent

like sometimes i'll be doing ok then one of the better players in the bracket just frees me up so bad that it's embarrassing

i feel like i'm in some sort of purgatory between the majority of tourney players and the mid level players and on, it's frustrating being able to beat everyone except those who actually matter to beat
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User Info: KingArc

1 year ago#6
I was playing against Venia and the set was 1-1. I had a lead third game and then just choked. Like everything he threw out I got hit by hit. It's like, there are moments when my brain shuts down. And by time I found a way to make a comeback, it was too late. Not sure what happens to me. Because when I watch the replays, I don't see myself because I know better in various situations. It's like I'm watching someone else play basically.
Competitive sm4sh player. (Mega Man)

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