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User Info: Xelane4454

5 years ago#1
I understand that I should strive for better IV's but how much of a difference does it make between a pokemon with average IV's and one with proficient IV's in whatever area you want it in?

Obviously it makes the difference between a one hit KO and barely surviving, but is it really worth all the patience needed to breed the perfect stats?

User Info: SoulKaos

5 years ago#2
most competitive player expect you to have 31 across the board for all your poke, i dont know if there is tools currently to do that for X&Y, so until then the higher the better^^
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User Info: MAtt5TER

5 years ago#3
As you have hinted, it depends on whether or not those IVs hit magic numbers, aka benchmarks.

For an example, let's say Greninja is a very popular competitive choice. It will be important for your Greninja to be faster than as many opposing Greninjas as possible because that's the difference between winning and losing against other Greninjas. 31 Speed IV (with +Spe nature) becomes a magic number. So, that 31 Speed IV becomes important.

Let's say both Greninja and Delphox are extremely popular choices. Let's say Greninja can 1HKO Delphox with Surf 100% of the time, but only if its SpA IV is higher than 20. Then, that 20 SpA IV is a magic number and is important. With 19 SpA IV, Greninja might fail only .83% of the time, but that will add up after all the Delphox you face. You really want a Greninja with 20 or more SpA IV.

Let's say Greninja can never 1HKO Delphx with Surf. It will always be a 2HKO at best. Then, it won't matter even if Greninja has 0 IV in SpA. If there are no other notable KOs that Greninja can do with more SpA IV (in other words, no benchmarks to meet), then it's a waste of time to get any SpA IVs.

What the actual benchmarks are will depend on the incoming developing metagame. Because we don't know where the benchmarks are, the most I can say is "get them as high as possible".
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User Info: Xelane4454

5 years ago#4
That is all very helpful info, thank you very much. I'm very new to EV's, IV's, breeding, natures, and the like, so all of this is very much appreciated.

I hear that Smogon is the place to look for information regarding what pokemon excel in what areas, is that true?

User Info: Dack_Lancer

5 years ago#5
dont let anyone fool you IVs is one thing prediction is another as long as your ev'ed wih ok Ivs you will still stand a chance against the next person
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User Info: Xelane4454

5 years ago#6

I would love for that to be the case, but I do not know enough about the underlying mechanics behind these games to know for sure.

I really hope that I can hear arguments from both sides (IV's and natures vs. strategy and prediction) in this thread, so as to understand how other people succeed in the competitive scene.

User Info: DrTingle

5 years ago#7
To put it simply, IVs do matter. In most competitive battling, you'll be against others who have flawless/near flawless IVs. This is important to do because those 1-31 extra base stats do make a difference, especially with speed.
Prediction, strategy and EVs are however mostly more important. All 4 are important though, so I recommend fulfilling them all to the max extent as possible.
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User Info: TigerHawkins

5 years ago#8
IVs are very important in the competitive scene. The speed one is arguably the most important and noteworthy, because Speed is a total hit-or-miss (or tie). Oftentimes, you want a pokemon to beat a certain speed value to overcome certain obstacles. A good example I like to use a lot is Tyranitar. His base speed is a crummy base 61 (caps at 243 with max IVs, EVs, and positive nature), but give him a choice scarf (multiplies the speed by 1.5) and you get a more impressive 364.5. This speed value is high enough to outpace a LOT of pokemon that are not using Scarves themselves. Base Speed 115 pokemon max out at 361 speed, so having a tyranitar with a choice scarf with absolute maximum speed will ALWAYS go before a Starmie or Latios or Gengar, unless they have a scarf of their own because they hit 361 and 350 and 350.

The only other stat that matters for hitting specific points would be HP. That is mainly due to hitting numbers that will make leftovers recover a certain amount of HP, or make certain substitutes (most notably, the glorious 101 HP substitutes. I'll use Tyranitar again. His base HP is a respectable 100 base value, which really means it hits 404 HP if it has 31 HP IVs, and full EVs in HP. The substitute will have 1/4 of the users Max Hp, so the substitute will have 101 HP. This number is magic because on a decent portion of walls, they use fixed HP damaging attacks (Seismic Toss and Night Shade) to deal damage, and since the legal level cap is 100, after taking a Seismic Toss from a Blissey, that sub will still be there 100% of the time with 1 hp, but the sub will remain there.

The other values generally aren't as important but it doesn't hurt to have those values as high as you can get them.
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User Info: TigerHawkins

5 years ago#9
The strategies themselves can overcome perfect IVs. You can either bluff such things (bluffing a choice item when you have an expert belt or something) or putting enough pressure onto a foe, where you can checkmate a certain threat on the opponent's team, or possibly more. If you are going to knock out an opponents pokemon in the next attack, and they have a pokemon that can take absorb the hit, they will likely switch to that pokemon. However, if you can plan out when that pokemon comes out, you can possibly change tactics to get a stronger or lethal super effective critical hit on it instead. Point is, strategy makes a larger difference than IVs, but having both is ideal.
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User Info: Keldonis

5 years ago#10
Just as important as anything else (EV's, nature, etc.) You can't just simply ignore one.

You will be at a significant disadvantage if you do.

Granted, with X/Y just being released and no reliable RNG and or hacks, as of now they're probably not as important being that most people (if any) aren't going to have perfect IV spreads.

This is obviously going to change in time, however.
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