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Giveaway town opening! Town Heaven!

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User Info: peachycrossing

1 year ago#451
can you add me? i have already added you (:
Fc: 3196-6979-2537

User Info: Aimie

1 year ago#452
By the way guys, I'm going to bed now so I'm going to close my Nintendo's but leave town's open! If it errors
then I apologise, but I hope they don't! c:
Night everyone! (It's 4am here!)

I'll add people on the Amy/Azure DS tomorrow when I wake up.
Mayor Amelia of Town Heaven. FC: 3712-1877-9678
Mayor Amy of Town Azure. FC: 5430-1760-7393

User Info: rini124

1 year ago#453
Aimie posted...
Okay Rini! :3 I think I'm going to stick with just the 2 towns and 2 Nintendo's for this Giveaway. xD
6 spaces is enough for everyone now, I hope so anyway. ^^ At least you have more of a chance with this...
>.< LOL!

Hopefully it goes well XD I only have 32 items left to catalog and I'm dooone so it's like I'm so close. I know what Floor I need, working on what the last 4 shirts are, and then I'll try and figure out the final items left too.

Niiight! <3
~*Jen*~ - 3DS Friend Code: 3737-9519-1063 (Jennifer)
PSN: rini124, Xbox 360: Princcesss Jen, Wii: 2275 9197 2602 2533, Wii U: Princess.Jen

User Info: mrseann

1 year ago#454
Spot opening up now in heaven. ^^
FC: 0404-7615-6308 Sean mayor of Saratoga

User Info: smashedfly

1 year ago#455
I added both town FCs but you arent showing up as a registered friend. Did I get added?
3DS: 2681 0232 1989
ACNL town: Polenta // Dream: 5100-3186-0384

User Info: N64_Grrl

1 year ago#456
you are the best
3ds FC: 0404-7897-7695

User Info: mrseann

1 year ago#457
N64_Grrl posted...
you are the best
FC: 0404-7615-6308 Sean mayor of Saratoga

User Info: momoni

1 year ago#458
I'm glad you were able to finish! ^_^ Could you please add me with your new FC? :D
FC: 0190 ~ 2212 ~ 0926 | Mayor Mio
Not UMA but UMARU!

User Info: SenselessBreak

1 year ago#459
Thank you! You are seriously the bessssst! There was an error, and lost a handful of items, but hopefully I can get back in another time
ACNF: Senz from Breakvil. 2320-6273-4643

User Info: xoverrat3d

1 year ago#460
I just wanted to say thank you so much Aimie. I know you go out of your way to do this a lot of the time and I'm sure I speak for the majority of us when I say we really and truly appreciate it. When this update came out I was so worried I wouldn't be able to get a lot of these items due to always working but your town has helped me out drastically. So THANK YOU SO MUCH. <3 You're such a kind person for doing this!!
Town: Tokyo. Player: Melissa. FC - 0001 - 4342 - 9796
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