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User Info: chocobo25

1 month ago#31
Hmm I'd definitely put The Warriors somewhere near the top of the list if not No1. That game was an absolute masterpiece. Goldeneye, Scarface: The World is Yours, The Godfather, Alien games. Not sure exact criteria but you could also add Alice: Madness Returns possibly - it's set in a warped version of Wonderland and is more akin to a psychological horror/action.
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User Info: lassics_shadow

1 month ago#32
Sweet Home. Somehow a shlocky Japanese horror movie translated into a well done RPG.
The Shadow knows
I had fun with "The Italian Job" on PS1.
I just did a binge consisting of the first two RoboCop games on the NES and the SNES version of 3.

User Info: Lahabrea

3 weeks ago#35
Hmm, this idea has merit. Movie-based games generally have a bad rep for a good reason. So it stands to reason that we should salute those movie-based games that did not fall into that category. I have three games that would probably at least make the honorable mentions.

1. The Matrix: Path of Neo
You're Neo, and play through the entire trilogy, including some time spent between the movies.

2. King Kong (PS2 game with horrendously long title)
Play as man, fight as Kong! An all-around good time!

3. Spider-Man 2
What more needs to be said, that hasn't already been? This game is good, and praised by many. And it was, in my honest opinion, the best Spider-Man game there ever was, until Marvel's Spider-Man came out on the PS4.
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