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User Info: jokrayz

1 month ago#21
City of Heroes/Villains - especially in the later versions where you can be a good guy with villain powers. You can also change the color of your powers.

Aion - Want to be a tiny super deformed chibi character with big boobs? Go for it. Want to be this deformed person? go for it. Gigantic human? Go for it.

The wrestling character creators gets better over time as well. With 2019
Yes, you can create characters from other feds. Christopher Daniels, You can also have Kenny Omega. Create a finisher, Create a entrance, Create a wrestler, and create a title. Create your own shows too.

(toss up)
Sims 4- create your own look. pick out your personality, and even how you walk.

Sims 3- create your own look, pick out your personality. and design not only your house but your entire town.
(I say toss up cause i didn't play sims 4 much ,loved the creator, but prefer 3's town design).

User Info: KelpTheGreat

1 month ago#22
I think that this idea still could make a great list, and it's still up for grabs for any author who wants to handle it!
Formerly The_Mighty_KELP. Finally got around to having my name changed!
My comics: https://tinyurl.com/sromgkelp | https://tinyurl.com/itoonskelp
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