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User Info: GigadeathWeapon

2 months ago#11
The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild, for its extremely cold and hot environments.

User Info: KelpTheGreat

2 months ago#12
Metroid Prime 2: Echoes:
The air of Dark Aether is damaging to Samus, and will drain her health rapidly. The early-game often involves a lot of standing around in regenerative fields, and running between them.

No Man's Sky:
Literally billions of planets have hostile environments, ranging from the typical hot/cold to the atypical radioactive or toxic planets. Some planets are categorized as "extreme hazard planets" and are even more dangerous than their normal versions, because they'll have radioactive supercells, storms of toxic rain, or walls of flame rippling through the air. Other planets may also have aggressive sentinels, which are robots that will attack you on sight, and if you manage to fight them off, they'll just spawn more and stronger ones until you die or run away; you can't win.
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User Info: Tutankoopa

2 months ago#13
Star Fox 64 - Solar - The intense heat causes constant damage to Fox and his crew. You will regularly need to find healing items to replenish your health.

Tomb Raider III - Temple Ruins - There are many deadly traps in this level that can hurt and kill Lara - wall spikes, boulders, statues spewing flames, dart traps, and collapsing ceilings.

Banjo Kazooie - There are various worlds that have different hazards (piranha waters, frigid water, thorny bramble) that will damage Banjo without a special pair of boots called the Wading Boots.
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User Info: shinrano26

2 months ago#14
A lot of hazards are very common. Drowning, hot lava, freezing, slippy ice world crashing into something, man-eating plants. I think it's a list that would want to focus on the more unusual ones.

Some that come to mind:

Sim City and Cities: Skylines: Various natural disasters. Ah, city building games. Just you and your creation, growing and expanding in peace - right up to the moment when a tornado, asteroid, tsunami, or God-freaking-zilla comes and levels your city! The tsunami specifically appears in Cities: Skylines and is infamous there, being virtually unstoppable and certain to level many square miles of a low-lying city.

Dwarf Fortress: Hell. Move over Minecraft. Reached by your (invariably drunken) dwarves delving too deep, the Underworld or Hell is as you might expect. Upon breaching it hordes of demons will attack your fortress. Despite the hostility, players have managed to colonise it.

Frogger: The road. A simple enough concept and an entirely mundane setting. A road full of traffic is something we see every day without a second thought. But when you're a frog? That everyday sight becomes a deadly killing zone between you and your destination.

User Info: GameFreak7

2 months ago#15
Dead Frontier 2 and Russian Fishing can also be added in the top list.

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