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User Info: Jake Johnson

Jake Johnson
2 months ago#1
Hostile Environment means the location itself is fighting you in some way.

And falling does not count - by itself (so King's Quest I's Land of the Clouds doesn't count)

I know I don't have many right now, but if this is a good list idea, then I would be grateful for assistance.

Also, if someone already did this list, then point it out to me.

Here's what I have so far:

Planetfall (PC) - old all-text Infocom game - Resida has disease and mutants (both of which contribute to hostile environment)

King's Quest V - the forest maze had at least one carnivorous, man-eating plant in it

Pikmin - Oxygen was very poisonous to Olimar's species

11th Hour - The house is hungry...
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User Info: TylerDurden101

2 months ago#2
GTA3 and GTA Vice City - water kills you

User Info: JustSaying

2 months ago#3
Fallout RADs.
Majora's Mask kind of?

User Info: Pako Pako

Pako Pako
2 months ago#4
Odd. Looking up the plot to 11th Hour, I've always having dreams that sound exactly like the game, despite never having ever seen it. (Outside of reading about it as the sequel to 7th Guest, a game I have played. Maybe my dream-mind extrapolated the sequel...)

But to the concept of making a list... are you going to prioritize the harshest game environments? (Like roguelikes such as Nethack, where players are thrown almost naked into a dungeon with even fog effect obscuring their vision?) Or is this going to focus on the most dangerous environmental traps? (Like... well, everything in I Wanna Beat the Guy, Dragon's Lair, Lemmings, Super Hexagon...) Or is this going to be unique takes on what the oddest hazards could be? (Games like Mister Mosquito or Deadly Creatures make nature, including other animals and humans, a danger.)

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User Info: Jake Johnson

Jake Johnson
2 months ago#5
Also, I believe the Monster Hunter series has a few hostile environments - from very cold (can actually freeze you to death unless you either imbibe a Hot Drink or have armor skills protecting you to volcanic temperatures intended to burn you to death.
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User Info: HMandACFan

2 months ago#6
Does a turn based card game count?

The whole concept of the game "Frost" is that you're running from a blizzard with obstacles along the way and if the blizzard catches you, you die and lose the game.

Also lots of games have carnivorous, man-eating plants in them. I wouldn't really consider it to count for this list.
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User Info: Weird_Fetishes

2 months ago#7
Sonic the Hedgehog - The Labyrinth Zone is beautifully adorned with sandstone carvings, hanging vines, crystal formations, and ancient columns. But when you wind up in deep water, the danger of drowning becomes very real. Better grab those air bubbles!
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User Info: captpackrat

1 month ago#8
Haestrom in Mass Effect 2. The planet's star Dholen is in the process of becoming a red giant which causes Haestrom to experience magnetic eruptions and increased solar output. Exposure to the sun's energy causes your shields to deplete rapidly, so you must try to remain in the shadows as much as possible, running from cover to cover.

There are also several planets in the original Mass Effect that have extremely hot, cold, high pressure or toxic atmospheres that will begin to overwhelm your armor after exiting the Mako. Metgos and Mavigon in particular have Level 2 hazards, which will damage your health within seconds of being exposed.
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User Info: chocobo25

1 month ago#9
I think alot of platformers would be in this catagory. Heart Of Darkness and the Crash Bandicoot games for sure.
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