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HMandACFan posted...
when you save, exit, and reload the game, none of this is saved and you are again shown ALL the 20+ stats again, including the ones you don't care about and spent all that time hiding the last time you played.
That reminds me of another one: in Skyward Sword, the first time you pick up an item, it pops up a little box explaining what it is, and Link does his traditional "hoist it up high" maneuver. Thereafter, picking up an item just sends it straight to your inventory, with no fanfare. But like the example you provide, reloading the game will reset EVERY item notification...

Keep the suggestions coming! This is an open idea that anyone can take and make a list out of. I'm working on a personal project that I'm almost done with atm, but I'm going to next make a list of Entertaining Patch Notes, and if no one's claimed this by then, I might take it. Will probably take a month, at least. =P
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