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One of the best parts of modern gaming is convenience. More games than ever before save automatically, are streamlined to let you get back to playing as soon as possible, have skippable cutscenes, allow you to change text speed, etc. But then there are some games that didn't seem to get the memo. Most other games are doing it right, so when a game doesn't get one tiny thing wrong, it can be annoying.

The key thing would be that these would have to be very minor. And they'd be related to game systems or UI, not necessarily gameplay.

What inspired the idea was playing Harvest Moon 3D: The Tale of Two Towns on my 3DS. When starting the game, the main menu defaults to the "Continue" option, as it should. After you press the continue button, it asks you to choose which game to load, which is fine. Then there's a confirmation dialogue box that asks, "Load this game?" That's fine, too, although I don't think it's necessary - but the annoying thing is that this dialogue box defaults to the "No" position. So you can't mash the A button to get back into the game, as if you do, you get caught in an endless loop of "load this game? no. load this game? no." It's a minor inconvenience.

Another one would be unskippable pre-boss-fight cutscenes. I've played lots of games where, if there's a cutscene before a boss fight, and you lose the fight and continue from your last save, the game remembers that you've already seen the cutscene, and doesn't make you sit through it. Then I was playing Gato Roboto the other day, and lost twice to the first boss before figuring out his attack patterns. But that game doesn't skip the cutscene, so I had to watch it three times before I could move on. This is more annoying than other kinds of unskippable cutscenes, IMO, but it's still only a minor inconvenience because most cutscenes of this type are still quite short.
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