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  3. #3143: The Top 10 Murphy's Laws of Gaming, by darkknight109

User Info: angeldeb82

2 months ago#1

Well, here's another list that's not on the front page yet, but I do see that it has the potential to become a good list, don't you agree?
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User Info: Pako Pako

Pako Pako
2 months ago#2
This was a funny, slightly ranty, but again funny read.
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User Info: Kirby6417

2 months ago#3
Huge fan of this list. This is just plain good reading. Lists like this and darkknight’s recent “Had to be there” list are real evidence for the unique joy of reading. By that I mean, I’ve wondered in recent years whether Top 10 lists are even worth the effort since YouTube can cram a million lists down your throat with supplemental imagery, music, and semi-funny hosts. And generally, it’s gonna be on the same topics as our lists here anyway.

But when the list topics are really clever, and the writing is really good, I remember how much of a joy reading can be. We’ve been blessed with some excellent wordsmiths over the years here.

Great list, friend!

User Info: WhitePointer

2 months ago#4
It's on the front page now, and as I said in the other thread, it's fantastic. Well written, funny, and also very relatable because it's all sadly so true. darkknight is back and showing everyone else how it's done.
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User Info: XenoManx

2 months ago#5
Well written, but I'm not too sure about the order. NPCs should have been #1, not #10.

User Info: RFGalaxy

2 months ago#6
Just wrote in a recommendation for this list. FANTASTIC. I never post here and I rarely read the top 10s past the first 1 or 2 anymore because they're just awful. But this is a fantastic list. Hilarious and agreeable on so many levels. I found myself laughing about how true SO MANY of these are!

I have to give a special shoutout to #6: MURPHY'S LAW OF LOOT LOSS AND LEVEL UPS. This, for me, is #1, to the point where any good round in a game has come to mean imminent failure for me, to the point where if I'm trying to AAA a song in DDR with a decent amount of Marvelous notes and I'm getting a crapton of Perfect, I'll think "Hey, maybe I'll actually AAA the song this time." If I get a lot of Marvelous? The Great is inevitably coming.

Well done list here :D

User Info: jokrayz

2 months ago#7
XenoManx posted...
Well written, but I'm not too sure about the order. NPCs should have been #1, not #10.

fun read.. I agree on his number 1 especially for mario kart.. In first place? Expect to get hit by squid, lightning, blue shell. SOMETIMES ALL 3!

The pokemon one.. the best example is the... Oh. You're paralyzed and chance of not getting to attack? No no.. it's 100% chance of not attacking! or confused? chance of hitting yourself? No no. it's 100% chance of hitting yourself.
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User Info: el3mel

2 months ago#8
This was actually a good and funny top 10 list. Best I have read here for a long time.

User Info: Crzyfatkid

2 months ago#9
Really enjoyed this list. Creative concept and everything felt relevant.

User Info: darkknight109

2 months ago#10
Happy everyone enjoyed the list! As mentioned in the other topic, it's been sitting on my hard drive for several years now, just waiting to get finished, and I finally got around to writing the last few entries.

It also reminded me of the "joys" of user feedback. My favourite one so far has been someone who accused me of Nintendo bias (even though literally none of the entries are tied to specific games or even specific consoles, with the possible exception of the Pokemon Corollary) and advising me to kill myself.

Fun times all around.
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  3. #3143: The Top 10 Murphy's Laws of Gaming, by darkknight109
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