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User Info: Alexmonkey

1 month ago#21
Probably the best Top 10 we've had on this site all year - congrats! Was quite entertaining to peruse in all honesty. Do more!

User Info: Th3HonestTruth

1 month ago#22
TheHonestTruth posted...

She just f***ing says that about every goddamn list, and it gets old. She said the same f***ing thing for this one


and then most everyone rips it apart.

Hey I remember you
I wanted to share some randomly chosen feedback messages with you.

And it's well known that you should always start with the positive ones:

Stupid list.Stupid topic. Stupid writing. Stupid hierarchy. Good fun read. Keep it up.
Someone did understand my intention. Nice.

I didn't know we needed this list until I read it.
Nobody needed this. Nobody wanted this. But strangely enough, some people still liked it.

No, this is too silly. I'm stopping this list right now, it's become too silly.
Not sure, why this is a "Yes" feedback but I think that we can all agree that this list was silly.

I want a dog...
Catch a Growlithe and name it Doggystyle

yaaaaaay, it's in English! Thank you. Good topic.
They didn't accept the Japanese version. Neither did they accept the Pseudo-Latin version. And my Suomi wasn't good enough.

And now some random negative ones:

Boring attempt at "humor"
That was the whole point of that list

he's trolling
We already have a troll here. And it's not me.

(You can have a maximum of 7 quote blocks in your message so I'll use the quotation marks "" from now on)
"Too unorthadox and out together oddly."
I thought it was very "orthadox" but I guess you have a point

"My magikarp, Sir Floppy, single-handedly defeated the elite 4 in Let's Go Pikachu, and he's not even on the list."
Seriously, an entry called "Your Magikarp" would have kinda made sense. Didn't even think about that, to be honest. If I'm ever gonna write another Top 10 list, I try to consider such cases.

"Subject is actually interesting, but content is presented with little finesse."
That's actually true. Even though I didn't even try to write something with finesse. Or something good. Or something meaningful at all.

And I have to say it again: Thank you so much for reading this silly list and providing me with feedback.
My friends work at GameFreak
(edited 4 weeks ago)
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  3. #3134: The Top 10 Strongest Magikarp in Pokemon Mainline Games (So Far)
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