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91210user posted...
it will be a list of very serious themed business games, as I think they're being overshadowed with fun business simulation games

So, you are making a list of games that are so serious they aren't fun?
Can't business simulation games be serious and fun at the same time?
Assuming serious and fun factors are inversely related, which would be the No.1 on your list? The most fun of the serious games (which would be also the least serious) or the most serious game (which would be also the least fun)? Would you choose a neutral, not so serious or fun as the first place?
If I had knowledge of a very complex excel spreadsheet where you can input different variables and uses real-world information, plenty of macros and formulas to calculate possible numerical outcomes (with lots of charts); that is so serious you can even introduce your real-life business or domestic economy information to simulate predictions of your future; and it is distributed as a graphically minimalistic, open-ended indie business simulation game. Would you include it in your list? If the answer is yes, Would it be placed high or low in the list? If the answer is no, would it deserve an honorable mention at least?