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User Info: angeldeb82

2 weeks ago#1 Raidramon0

So it's back to the old lists for now. I can find the list to be good, but what do you think otherwise?
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User Info: LOLZuMadBro

2 weeks ago#2
Pretty entertaining list, I only played a couple of these games so it was amusing to read what kinda stuff you can do.

As an honorable mention I'd add leaving your gamecube on overnight in Versus in Super Smash Bros Melee to get to fight and unlock Mewtwo faster.

User Info: melancholysp

2 weeks ago#3
I know this is an old list so Smash Ultimate wasn’t out yet, but leveling spirits by having them sit in a gym would be a good one.

Also, the cloud in Braid that you have to wait and hour and a half for it to move across the stage so you can gather a star is another one.
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User Info: gamemaster712

2 weeks ago#4
The world ends with you
Badge upgrade depending on time not playing

Flower awards a trophy for inactive time and that’s all I got for now
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User Info: Kashell Triumph

Kashell Triumph
2 weeks ago#5
Interesting list. I liked learning about Order of Ecclesia.

I disagree with this statement:

Earthbound is one weirdest, yet greatest JRPGs for the SNES.

Weird? Sometimes. Great? Far from it.

User Info: Sega9599

2 weeks ago#6
The earthbound one isn't really a reward.
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User Info: JaketheScumbag

2 weeks ago#7
There was a moment in Shenmue II that comes to mind. You must deliberately ignore the QTE prompt while visiting a barber shop to learn the third Wude- “Be brave and stay calm to make the right decisions.” It’s rather tense, since the game bleeps urgently at you and the A button flashes quickly on screen while the barber holds a blade to your throat. Still, I wouldn’t call that a reward, since it’s required to advance to game’s storyline. But reading this list brought that to mind.

I enjoyed the list, and it was quite amusing that some players exploited the console’s clock to quickly accumulate money in Fable 2.

User Info: CrazysBack

2 weeks ago#8
All I have to Contribute is that for 5, I'm glad you picked the Johto remakes, because the balls you'd get from Kurt in Gen 2 were frequently glitched or just not useful and thus just different colored Pokeballs. The good ones were the Heavy and Friend Balls, primarily.
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User Info: Pako Pako

Pako Pako
2 weeks ago#9
Not terrible. Quick and to-the-point, but not very entertaining or engaging.

A few entries mention passive-gain features in games that work as a background feature while you play the game. See #6 and #5. I would explicitly cite mobile games (Azure Lane, DBZ) with such a a "training room" that you can assign portions of your army to gain XP, #5's time-related quest could have mentioned the Pokemon-sitter in the original games -- leaving one of your monsters at their place to get a passive XP gain (based on steps taken) as you play the rest of the game.

Also to nitpick -- one caveat in entry #2 -- you can use brute force to win. It is really hard, but it is possible.

I would have also asked about/mentioned:
1.) Destiny of an Emperor (NES) -- you have to sit in front of Zhuge Liang and let him finish his nap (just like Poo in entry #10)
2.) Final Fantasy 4J/2US -- Just like FF5, you have to sheath your weapons for a fight and absorb damage (just like entry #2)
3.) Capcom vs SNK (DC) -- To unlock characters and secrets, you have to farm CVS points from playing the game; an easy way is to enter training mode and do nothing; wait for an hour or two, then end the mode to gain (the maximum) 999 points. Repeat. (Similar to entry #9)
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User Info: jae655321

2 weeks ago#10
Final Fantasy 3 US - Save shadow by letting timer run down to 5 seconds
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