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User Info: angeldeb82

4 weeks ago#1

Although this list is not on the front page yet, this looks kind of new. And I can tell it's pretty good myself.
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User Info: RySenkari

4 weeks ago#2
Oooh, nice to see this up on the front page today.

I just wish they had a picture of the TurboExpress I could have used, since I had to use a picture of the PC Engine to represent it instead and that's the picture that shows up on the front page :p
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User Info: bouchart

4 weeks ago#3
I was surprised that the Amiga wasn't on this list. It could do 16-bit graphics in the mid 1980s.
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User Info: Weird_Fetishes

4 weeks ago#4
I remember seeing the Turbo Express in the toy store. It looked cool but unfortunately the Turbo Grafx never took off here in the US, and teens like me were all about Sega and Nintendo at the time.

Glad you added the NeoGeo to the list even though it was technically arcade hardware. $600 in the early 90's might as well have been a half million bucks. Hell, $1.25 got me two Little Debbie oatmeal cookies and a can of Cheerwine. If I could do the 90's all over again, I'd work my ass off for a NeoGeo.

(nods) Good list. Easy 'yes' from me.
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User Info: gamemaster712

4 weeks ago#5
Neo geo makes this a good winning list.
And the underrated abandoned vita
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User Info: 91210user

4 weeks ago#6
The idea for the list won me over because while the mainstream/average gamer think hardware success is behind how many units sold, the other hardware that weren't as successful are always overlooked and offer feats in gaming which I thought the idea of this list is great for featuring those consoles.

Then the descriptions, to be honest were hit and miss. In terms of hardware, anything physicial is considered hardware like discs and game controllers and etc but that's the smaller scale stuff anyways. Calling them artifacts maybe a better way to explain them in a sense. I think it's clear the artifacts in this list are the consoles and handhelds in terms of hardware described.

I thought the descriptions were hit or miss because a lot goes into making the hardware and to why some features on the hardware exists. A good example is the Neo Geo. Arcade machines were just circult boards armored in a cabinet but because of that, it was extremely tough for vendors to change the games or get rid of them. The Neo Geo cartridge feature was formed to allow arcade vendors to easily change the game but because of this, the Neo Geo had enough character to be sold as a console which is why it was sold at retailers, which I thought could have been explained, then its makes anyone wonder why cartridges for the SG1000 for example had cartridges instead of floppy discs. I do like how the idea that the authethic arcade experience was mentioned also. The Sega Genesis had trouble doing that.

Personally, it is the reason I've starting off writing smaller artifacts like discs and cartridges when I typed lists because they're not as different from one another before I had moved onto lists explaining more common artifacts like consoles and handhelds where I could seriously think about it how to explain them for the article (considering I couldn't edit lists so easily). Considering many consoles are a serious investment now a days, not everyone would get or seen the console, I think what I write for for those readers. Not just for someone who may have everything and just want an entry to be featured.

I would say the entries get well explained towards the end of the list. I'm convinced there's a good reason those entries are on there like the Atari Lynx which has that better monochrome screen then the Gameboy for example. Jumping into describing those machines and trying to explain what great about those hardware, I think it is a good list.

User Info: IceWave

4 weeks ago#7
An excellent list that's well written and full of researched details for each entry. Nicely done, RySenkari.

User Info: RySenkari

4 weeks ago#8
bouchart posted...
I was surprised that the Amiga wasn't on this list. It could do 16-bit graphics in the mid 1980s.

While a lot of people (particularly in Europe) did use the Amiga as their primary gaming console during the late 80s/early 90s, it's too close to being a gaming PC to qualify for this list (the Colecovision and Xbox consist of PC hardware but had console form factors, whereas the Amiga didn't)

I do notice a lot of criticism for the list over snubbing the Dreamcast, which is absolutely fair. It was damn impressive for its time but just barely got bumped in favor of the Neo-Geo and TurboExpress. If I had to make an "honorable mentions" list, it would probably consist of:

Sega Genesis
Pioneer LaserActive
Sega Saturn
Sega Nomad
Nintendo 64
Sega Dreamcast
N-Gage (seriously)
Xbox 360
Playstation 3
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(edited 4 weeks ago)

User Info: vega2505

4 weeks ago#9
The 3DFX chip should have been on there and maybe the GBA, since it has some pretty impressive 3D for what equates to a portable SNES.
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