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User Info: Pako Pako

Pako Pako
2 months ago#21
ABXYLR posted...
SNK vs. Capcom: Card Fighters DS (NDS)
Have you played any of the previous games? If you have (they're on the rare NGPC console), you might change your tune.
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User Info: GoukiAkujiki

1 month ago#22
Vysion_of_books posted...
Breakquest which is a Breakout / Arkanoid homage with amazingly varied physics and rules for each level. A lot of care went into it.

Below the Root was an old adventure game which kept me playing, probably because of difficulty or not saving if it was shareware.

Hot Shots Golf Open Tee / Pangya Golf / Outlaw Golf were all golf titles with fun quirkiness.

Wii Sports & Wii Sports Resort kept me playing bowling, frisbee, archery, and more with so much gusto thanks to the "wiimote" controller as I would call it.

Re-volt was a tiny toy racing game where you drive through rooms of a house for example with PvP features like launching bottle rockets.

Stopping for now as my battery is about to die and I don't want to lose what I typed so far in the tablet.

Keep posting those underrated games.

You think Wii Sports is underrated? It’s one of the most overrated, worthless “games” ever created.
GoukiAkujiki posted...
You think Wii Sports is underrated? It’s one of the most overrated, worthless “games” ever created.

Wii Play was but not Wii Sports. Wii Play seems like it was only bought because it was bundled with a controller. My thought is Wii Sports (and also the sequel Wii Sports Resort) were over-saturated but not over-appreciated. Many discount them as simplistic filler. I view them as ground-breaking fun that used an easy-to-understand controller thus opening the market to many new players. As a game, I consider them underappreciated by regular gamers.
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User Info: 2001mark

1 month ago#24
1. Vancouver 2010 - PC
2. Golf - NES
3. Pirates! - NES
4. Monopoly - NES
5. Need for Speed Shift - PC

I can't think of more.

User Info: amcdc79

1 month ago#25
Not in any type of order,

Opoona (Wii)- rated poorly by the critics, loved by those who played it.

Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy (GCN, PS2, Xbox) sadly we will never see a sequel.

Little Kings Story (Wii)- critics loved it, same with all who played it, didn't sell very well, a hidden gem.

Record of Lodoss War (Dreamcast)- action RPG, similar to Diablo, still exclusive.

Red Dog: Superior Firepower (Dreamcast)- another exclusive gem rated low by the critics.

Super Magnetic Neo (Dreamcast)-exclusive platformer that gets tough later on.

Time Stalkers (Dreamcast)-rogue-like RPG that got a lot of hate, because every time you left a dungeon, you kept your items and experience, but dropped down to level 1. Made going into every dungeon a challenge, even later on in the game.
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User Info: HMandACFan

1 month ago#26
1. Phantasy Star Online Episode III: C.A.R.D. Revolution - Gamecube - As OP said, this is a great game. Don't know why. For those that don't know, this is a tactics-style card game with 2 factions. One faction uses monsters to protect them, and the other uses weapons & shields. You can play as either one, and you'll be against the other (or do custom mode against your own faction if you want). It even had pvp, and was one of the first online GC games.

2. Lost Kingdoms II - Gamecube - Another great game from an often overlooked system. This game used cards as well, but was an action game where you just use cards as your "abilities", more or less. Some attacked directly, while others were summoned creatures that stayed on the battlefield to help you fight.

3. Culdcept - PS2 - While we're on the concept of card games (I love card games) I generally feel a lot don't get enough credit. Culdcept had a second game that was never released in English, and it hasn't been re-released on PS4. It's also super hard to find a copy of, and I somehow lost mine so kudos to anyone with it. A monopoly-board-style card game.

4. Brigandine - PS - Another gem with no love from Sony, and another game with a non-English-only second game. I actually own the Japanese copy, but like my Culdcept game, I've lost it. (This one I'm actually pretty sure was stolen as I think it was in my PS3 when it was stolen.) This is a tactics game.

5-8. Solforge, Conquest of Champions, Elements: The Game, and Might & Magic: Duel of Champions - PC - I'm listing these together because none of them deserve their own section. All four are CCG's exclusive to the PC that have all had their servers shut down. With the exception of the one I'm listing in #9, they are the only games I've ever played (that I know of) that have had the servers shut down, and all are CCG's. Again, I don't think card games get enough credit in general, but these games never had enough of a player base to make things fun. At its peak, I'd say all of them but M&M had only 200-300 active players at any given time with less than 10,000 TOTAL players. M&M was slightly more successful, probably only because of the name it carried, but evidently not enough so. Each of these games was great in its own right, but also had many flaws that probably ultimately brought it down rather than give it the fame and success of HS or MtG Arena. Yet all of these were, in my opinion, better than any of the current second-rate games out there -- Gwent, Shadowverse, and Artifact, to name a few -- and their biggest downfall (all 4 of them) was their lack of a playerbase.

Sorry for the wall of text.

9. Shaiya - PC - This was the first MMORPG I've ever played. It was what made me like MMORPG's, and I spent many hours....weeks...years playing this game. The American server has shut down, though I know the Latin server is still up (don't know about any others). So unlike the card games listed above, at least it has SOMETHING going for it. Also, there are illegal private servers out there as well for it. It definitely has a cult following, but nobody I ever talk to IRL has heard of it (besides my brothers).

10 The King's Bounty series - PC - Speaking of Might &'s an M&M knockoff (the original, not the card game) that is WAY better. This is another tactics game.
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User Info: GoukiAkujiki

1 month ago#27
Super Metroid
Zelda LttP
Super Mario Bros 3
Devil May Cry
Ninja Gaiden Black
Mega Man X4
Jackie Chan’s Action Kung Fu

User Info: c_s_tadsen

1 month ago#28
1. The 7th Saga [SNES]
2. Light Crusader [Sega Genesis]
3. Phantasy Star Online [Sega Dreamcast]
4. Brigandine [Playstation 1]
5. Cool Spot [Sega Genesis]
6. Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z [PlayStation 3]
7. Might and Magic: Gates to Another World [Sega Genesis]
8: Vanguard Bandits [PlayStation 1]
9. Zoids: Legacy [Game Boy Advance]
10: Transformers: Devastation [PlayStation 3]
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User Info: blknge89

1 month ago#30
The only title that springs to life in my mind is SimTower, due to it being overlooked because of Simcity's popularity.

Focusing on a tower feels intimate as you get to know the population that uses your building, even once you've Ayn Rand it and you've built a tower that reaches the heaven, it still feels satisfying to run it without feeling like you've done too much. There's a bunch of little easter eggs too, such as when the date turns to Dec 24th, if you look closely you can see Santa Clause flying in the air.
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